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Top 17 Best Marketing Freelance Platforms in 2022

This is our most comprehensive list of top freelance marketing platforms you can use to grow your brand.

Jonathan Saeidian

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Freelance marketing offers a wide spectrum of benefits ranging from time-saving, affordability, and giving your business the opportunity to thrive and promote itself. However, finding the right platform can be daunting, which is why we’ve created this exhaustive list of the best marketing freelance platforms out there to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Here are the top marketing freelance platforms in 2022:

1. GrowTal

GrowTal will be the perfect service if you need someone to screen the best freelance marketers for you. The firm works with a select group of competent marketing experts. You tell them what marketing services you require when you sign up for the service and the service will find 3-5 specialists to help you.


  • Social and search experts
  • Video production teams
  • Copywriters
  • SEO experts
  • Brand managers
  • UX/UI designers

2. Upwork

Upwork will be a wonderful choice for individuals who wish to draw from a broad pool of talent. This site offers hundreds of freelance marketing specialists who work in a variety of specialties.


  • Development & IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Design
  • Writing & Translation

3. Mayple

Mayple is a fantastic choice if you need more experienced marketing gurus with a demonstrated performance history (Click here to find out more about the top 24 performance marketing agencies). These freelancers will cost more, however, if you’re launching a larger store, the investment will be worthwhile.


  • Paid advertising
  • Content
  • CRO (conversion rate optimization)
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Management

4. MarketHire

MarketerHire’s team will search their network to select the appropriate expertise to help you. The agency pre-screens its marketing experts to ensure you get the best professional for your campaign. SEO professionals, paid search specialists, product page writers, video ad editors and producers, and marketing strategy experts are among the company’s many specialists.


  • Amazon Marketer
  • Brand Marketer
  • CMO
  • Content Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • Growth Marketer
  • Paid Search Marketer

5. Hire Selected

Hire selected offers world-class consultants and mentors to take your marketing skills to the next level. They offer one-on-one consulting sessions to personally help you supercharge your career.


  • Growth Hackers
  • SEO
  • Paid Advertising
  • Mentors in design, marketing, crypto, tech & more 

6. is one of the oldest freelancing websites, bringing together a large community of skilled and experienced marketers in one area online. Designers can build comprehensive portfolios on, giving you more content to review while you make your decision. They also administer tests to verify the freelancers’ skill sets and report back to you. 


  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Photoshop
  • Logo design
  • Social media marketing

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance network that lets people arrange contests for individual projects, similar to a job posting. It also offers a comprehensive list of competent applicants with experience in a variety of fields of knowledge.


  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Strategy

8. Servicescape

Servicescape offers a massive database of freelancers across multiple different fields including translation, graphic design, content writing, illustrations, and more. The platform is better suited for companies looking for specific types of talent that might also be international.


  • Graphic Design
  • Content Writing
  • Brand Identity
  • Backlinking

9. Freeup

Freeup simplifies the freelance search by pre-vetting their talent ahead of time and getting them up and running on your campaigns right away. They also offer concierge support with a no-turnover guarantee to make you feel confident in your search.


  • SEO
  • Web Development
  • Growth Marketers
  • Social media

10. ClearVoice

ClearVoice has a talent network of over 25,000 expert freelancers they can connect you with to help your brand create better content. Their core values promote kindness in collaboration and professionalism. ClearVoice offers an array of solutions and features perfect for any project.


  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Paid search
  • Lead generation
  • Social media
  • Digital Marketing

11. Guru

Over 3 million users have chosen Guru as their marketing freelance platform for their low fees, compliance and security benefits, and custom-built solutions. They work hand-in-hand with worldwide freelancers to ensure the perfect match for you and your project’s needs.


  • Web / Digital Marketing
  • General Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Analysis / Data / Strategy / Plans
  • Industry Specific Expertise

12. MarketinLife

MarketinLife is a marketing and business development consultancy firm that provides clients with the resources they need to properly position their brands and services by using current marketing trends.


  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • Experiential marketing
  • Digital Marketing

13. Contently

Contently is an excellent option for brands attempting to develop a diverse range of content while remaining confident that they are working with professional digital marketers. The platform provides access to all types of digital marketing content, including short and long-form blog posts, infographics, video scripts, animations, and more.


  • Content creation & management
  • Audience Insights
  • White space analysis
  • SEO ideation

14. Working Not Working

Working Not Working is a highly selective platform, meaning they only accept about 10% of freelancers who register. Their main focus lies in marketing jobs and creative design (Check out our list of the top 25 best creative marketing agencies here). This site’s membership is a flat subscription rate for companies depending on the size and timeframe of your project. 


  • Advanced search
  • Real-time availability
  • UI designers
  • UX/IA Designers

15. CloudPeeps

Cloudpeeps describes itself as a member-driven platform with a community of trusted freelancers. Start by posting a listing, then find a match and get started, it’s as easy as that. 


  • Content
  • SEO
  • Paid-ads
  • Strategy 
  • Design

16. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to start if you’re on a tight budget, thanks to the hundreds of freelancers and developers that run their own stores. They can offer everything from expert design and coding services to bug-fixing and branding.


  • Full Website Creation
  • Customization
  • Theme/Plugin Installation
  • Performance & Security
  • Bug Fixes
  • Help/Consultation
  • Backup & Migration

17. LinkedIn

Although the majority of people wouldn’t consider LinkedIn to be a freelancing talent marketplace, it definitely can be. Because LinkedIn has millions of members from every industry, you can be confident that just about all content marketing services and specialties are available for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does freelance marketing usually cost?

The pricing and rates of freelance marketers depend on a variety of factors. The average going rate for companies ranges by anywhere from $30-$200 an hour.

What is freelance marketing/what do freelance marketers do?

Freelance marketing consultants use relevant data from a firm, such as engagement rates or sales figures, to create, manage, and adjust their marketing activities. Businesses use freelance marketing consultants to help them attract new audiences, retain current consumers, and grow income.

How can I ensure that I find a good freelance marketer for my project’s needs?

In short, do your research! There are so many great options out there, and we’ve listed our top recommendations above, but ultimately you must find the platform that best meets your company’s personal ideals and needs.

Which marketplace is best for digital marketing?

Based on our research. we recommend taking a look at Growtal, Hireselected, and Marketerhire for the best digital marketing freelance platforms.

How much does a digital marketer earn in freelancing?

Typically freelancers make around $18/hr if they are qualified at their role and can go upwards of $400/hr for more senior strategic roles.

Jonathan Saeidian

Jonathan is the Founder of Brenton Way a growth marketing agency based in Los Angeles and also the Co-founder of Growth Virality a Growth marketing community created for Marketers and Founders to find the best marketing strategies to implement in their brands.
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