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Looking to promote your Saas brand?

(Software as a Service). As a developer, your cloud based software, which is most likely subscription based, must be able to attract the right kind of visitors, good leads that eventually convert into paying customers.

As with the majority of industries, our teams at Brenton Way have developed a formula that will exponentially increase web traffic and ultimately paid subscriptions to your online software. Our SaaS industry marketing strategy targets a few critical aspects:


Award-Winning Marketing Strategies Starts With Us


Stand Out in the Sea Amongst Competitors

Saas marketing requires a full understanding of the buyer’s journey. Having a strong grasp of the marketing funnel from awareness, consideration, to conversion, and retention for software companies is a different approach on its own.

We have worked with clients across all verticals of software including Accounting, Health & Wellness, Productivity, Chatbot, Ecommerce, Design, and more.

Brenton Way is also a tech-focused marketing agency and we create our own technology in-house including INITIATE.AI , , and Alive5 and have helped bootstrap and scale them to 7-figure solutions.

We are your north star to success.


Take advantage of our years of SaaS industry marketing to give your platform the presence its needed. From improving site navigation to creating unique content, we can help with your companies entire flow.

Creating Saas Content

To successfully market a software, especially a niche service, you must be able to target the right niche demographic. Long tail keywords, despite their low volume, are the most profitable and targeted. We will discover what long tail keywords are the most relevant to your software and craft compelling content around them. Embedding long tail keywords into your SAAS’s content catalogue can increase your organic traffic flow by as much as 80%.
Done right, long tail keywords are the most profitable groups of keyword for a virtual business— 57% of Amazon’s sales are a result of targeting long tail search terms.

Social Media Saas Presence

The best place to find out what clients or potential customers feel about your product or a direct competitor’s is social media. Establishing a strong virtual presence on these online communities will give you insights needed to optimize your products and content. Our SaaS marketing experts will help your business establish a vibrant online presence with engaging content— emphasizing on value, and soft sells to your audience.
Social media marketing provides brand visibility, improved customer interaction and loyalty, a steady stream of inbound traffic, and an objective source for valuable customer insights.

Saas Lead Generation

SaaS industry marketing is founded on generating strong, viable leads. Our experts will focus on strong channels to lead visitors down the sales funnel, with emotionally compelling pitches and calls-to-action, until they convert into paying subscribers.
We will create effective email marketing campaigns to convert undecided prospects, and reach out to possible leads. With personalized email campaigns, click through rates increase by an average of 14%, and conversion rates rise by 20%.

Saas Link Building

Leverage our wide reaching influence in the marketing industry as we source relevant, high quality backlinks to boost your Domain Authority and rank higher on Google Search results, as well as embarking on a PR campaign to create buzz for your product within the relevant online communities.

The result is the accumulation of legitimate, trusted reviews and endorsements of your products by industry veterans due to intensive (white hat and sustainable) link building campaigns.

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