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convert Stronger On your most important pages

Take advantage of every visitor with a data-driven funnel that actually converts.

No more guess work to your conversions

Conversions are one of the most important factors to your brand. Understanding the reasons why people purchase your products is key to improving the actions they take.

We analyze your users experience across your website by running analytics, heatmapping, and key goals to get a clear picture of their behavior.

Once we know that, we make key changes to their user experience and win you new customers.

Increase Revenue, Faster

We start by first understanding the sources of where your traffic is coming from. We then analyze these visitors and rate the quality of their engagement. This helps us prepare for our main tasks.

Receive access to our unique video analytics platform and watch your visitors in real time.

Converting at a higher scale

We identify where your website is leaking money and where the biggest sources of gains hide.

We create optimized treatments-design, copy & structure improvements, based on the data received.

We run extensive, iterative tests to figure out which optimized treatments work for your site.

Optimize Conversions To Increase Profit

Research Goals

Understand your audience: learn who they are, what they want, why and how they consume through demographic, emotional trigger, habit, and user research. Understand your current website and business: learn what’s going on, where are the leaks and problem areas, and how people are currently using your site. Besides speaking with you and learning all we can about your business, the following tasks take place during our research:

Create Benchmarks

Our team of half-crazy analysts identify and map out solutions to each of your site’s problems, based upon the data collected during our research gathering. We create a number of treatments / hypotheses for each key website page. Since we can’t test everything at once, we rank each hypothesis based upon the importance of the page (how much traffic it gets and the role it plays in the conversion funnel), potential uplift (the number of problems within the page), and ease of implementation (some great ideas would take months to get implemented

A/B Split Testing

We perform proper controlled A/B testing, following the scientific method. We don’t joke around with testing. Our tests are derived from data-backed hypotheses, never called early, and external factors (data pollution, etc) are taken into consideration. All tests run for a minimum of 1 business cycle, preferably 2-3. We aim for 95% confidence and up. Significant sample size is always in our consideration. Our testing strategies aim to maximize your traffic and move forward in the conversion process as fast as possible, but we never jeopardize the quality of the data.

Optimize Funnels

Testing is an iterative process. With each test we learn something new about your customers and what keeps them moving forward through your website. With each test and each change we get new data that will help us further improve our hypotheses. Each test we conduct feeds into the next test, leading to better results. Conversion optimization is an on-going process. We employ a research and test-driven approach to obtain the best results for you.

+3 Add-on Modules to Boost Performance

Video Analytics

Know exactly what your visitors are doing on your website. Track mouse actions and discover real insghts.​

Lead Magnets

Get monthly competitor analytics & rankings tracking reports sent to your email.

Dynamic A/B Tests

Quickly build & enhance all of your company listings across multiple directories & micro sites.

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