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IcarusX is not just a platform; it's a revolution in digital marketing. Powered by Brenton Way, our groundbreaking technologies set a new standard for what's achievable in digital marketing in 3 pillars: Rapid Testing, CLTV Ads Growth, & our Reporting Dashboard.

IcarusX Technologies

Tailored Solutions for Unbeatable Performance

Rapid Creative Prototyping

Flight identifies high-performance ad sets within days by deploying AI-driven testing.

CLTV-Backed Ads Optimization

Soar maximizes profitability using your Shopify data ensuring every dollar spent is an investment in long-term success.

Growth Reporting Dashboard

Horizon provides real-time marketing reporting to the most important marketing metrics.

Flight - Rapid Creative Testing

Flight is our powerful creative ads testing platform that tests multiple versions of your ad creative and finds your winning ad set with only 10% of the ads budget.

Faster Ads Scalability

You're not just spending less —you're spending smarter. Our technology uses just a fraction of your typical ad budget to predict the most successful campaigns.

Interactive Creative Testing at Scale

Imagine being able to test hundreds of creative iterations in the time it usually takes to test one. That's the power of Flight technology.

Use Case:

Mbanc needed to expand quickly as a startup in a saturated and competitive market. We deployed over 250+ different creative ads iterations, increasing overall sales opportunities by $800,000 per month

Soar - CLTV-Backed Ads Optimization

Maximize for your highest Customer Lifetime ROAS:

Soar instantly analyzes your customer purchase data through your eComm or CRM to determine your most loyal customers to optimize your ads for the highest ROAS.

Efficient Ads Optimizations:

Our innovative technology eliminates over 500+ manual ads automations using human-driven Ai intelligence, allowing us to focus on key Ads optimizations & creative testing that move the needle.

Effective Budget Allocation:

Our effective SunChaser Strategy automatically allocates budget set on minimum ROAS leading to aggressive & profitable ads growth.

Use Case:

FOREO needed to maximize their store ROAS. We used their entire customer purchase data to instantly increase their avg. ROAS from 4.5X to 7X ROAS.

Horizon - Centralized Growth Dashboard

Real-time Marketing Reporting

Horizon brings together campaign analytics, ad performance, social media engagement, email marketing, and SEO metrics in a single, intuitive dashboard.

Real Marketing Transparency

Most agencies exaggerate their marketing peformance. Horizon gives you objective reporting directly from your own marketing data, giving your marketing team full control.
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