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Looking to promote your Crypto Project?

Bitcoin keeps topping Google’s search trends throughout 2021. It’s no wonder, because of its massive price jump that shot it up to $68,000. The cryptocurrency’s popularity has been an inspiration for many other projects. Some of them are Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot.

New projects keep popping up every day, and while the majority have great ideas behind them, they won’t make it far without the right advertising approach. Investing in marketing and running a great PR campaign is essential for any crypto project.

Whether it’s a new cryptocurrency, an NFT, or a new DeFi platform, building awareness is the only way to grow. It helps projects in the following ways:

  • Builds trust
  • Attracts investors
  • Keeps the project relevant

As the community around the project keeps growing, more people will opt to put their faith in it by backing it.

That’s what our crypto marketing agency is here for. We want you to stand out and get the exposure your project needs! Our marketing expertise will help you attract potential investors and turn your crypto project into a success, shaping the crypto space’s future.

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Are You Looking for Professional Crypto Marketing Services?

The booming crypto space now accounts for thousands of active projects. There are dozens of new projects in the ICO calendar that show how competitive the space is. To ensure that you’re taking the piece of the $2.4 trillion crypto cake, you have to get to project support and build a community.

That’s what we’re here to do. Our crypto marketing agency specializes in services that’ll get all the exposure your crypto project needs. The experienced experts on our team know the best marketing approaches that work for the crypto and NFT world.

We’re there to guide you from whitepaper creation to advanced advertising campaigns that bring visitors to your project’s doors. We’ll help you stand out from the sea of crypto projects.

Crypto Industry Marketing Services

Our range of services includes all that your project will need in the future. Once you opt for our crypto marketing agency, you can rest assured that your project will get all the exposure it needs. 

We make this possible by creating crypto marketing strategies that encompass all the popular channels. Our vetted team provides services such as:

Influencers & PR Hacking

Unfortunately, many crypto projects with a bad reputation created doubt in the crypto space. Every new project launch goes through a skepticism phase, as investors consider the risks. That’s where building a community can greatly help. We’ll help you build a community on Reddit, YouTube, Telegram, and Discord. These platforms are perfect for creating transparency around your project and communicating with the community members. The bigger the community, the higher the trust in the project is.


Search engine optimization is crucial for all online businesses, and crypto projects are not any different. Our agency provides crypto SEO services to ensure a high ranking for all those looking for your project. We’ll perform professional keyword research and rank your website for the sought-after phrases.

Digital PR

Press releases are the perfect way to keep the public informed of news about the company. Our services include PR management as well. A popular PR stunt in the crypto space is airdrop. Give away a small number of tokens to attract more people to your project. Gain access to top tier press & media with +45k sources.

Paid Campaign Management

Getting before broader audiences will ensure high brand awareness, resulting in more people towards your project. We’ll craft amazing stories for world-renowned publications to create more exposure for you. You can feature the publications on your website and grow trust with new visitors to your site.

Creative Content Creation

You can expect us to create all the content for your website, marketing materials, and project details such as whitepaper. We’ll closely collaborate with you to create a consistent brand voice that sets a professional tone. It’s the best way to command trust and professionalism at first sight. We’ll create a content marketing approach that will turn your brand into an authority figure in the crypto space. You can stand out from others by showcasing your expertise in every blog post.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way of spreading the word about your crypto project. Leverage their trust with their audience to introduce your story and build a community. Our professional team will reach out to various crypto space influencers and collaborate with them with our database of +140k influencers and +35k exclusively in the Crypto space.


Most frequent questions and answers

Crypto marketing unlike other industries requires alot of focus on attracting and retaining a community of avid fans & investors. This means sometimes making community-driven decisions or providing transparency with the projects next steps. Your marketing will mostly involve organic marketing channels such as SEO, PR, Community Management, Influencers, and Social Media as choices – you will use paid media and promotional channels such as affiliates to boost the brands awareness.

The Cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously in the past 3-4 years to a value estimated around $1.35 billion and grown to over $3.5 billion in 2025, this puts it as one of the fastest growing markets.

Based on regluations and the difference of how the Crypto community operates, it’s important to first focus on organic channels for growth including Social Media & Community management to setup your foundations.

Fast marketing growth can happen as early as a month depending on the type of marketing campaign but responsible growth requires a project to have solid tokenomics and core team to help lead the ship.

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