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Since the turn of the millennium, there has been a health-conscious fitness drive sweeping the world. The desire to get in shape and get fit is one that has become a multibillion dollar industry, with data analytics company, Statista, reporting that the American fitness industry marketing generates just over $25 billion annually, a part of a global market that draws in $80 billion per year. These financial revelations make sense, considering the extreme extents people will go to get fit and healthy.  

Fitness brands—individual and companies—have begun leveraging the power of digital marketing, with YouTube videos and Instagram posts, especially, being a great source of quality leads. 


Award-Winning Marketing Strategies Starts With Us

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Stand Out in the Sea Amongst Competitors

It is of great importance that fitness aficionados or companies looking to succeed in a nearly saturated market, take certain steps to push themselves of the pack. SEO and SEM are the key to this: creating a well branded virtual image, and employing digital marketing strategies that pushes your product and services to prospective clients. 

Enjoy an extensive list of SEO and SEM strategies to give you the online visibility your brand needs. 

Contact Brenton Way today, to speak to our team of digital marketing and content management experts, in order to create the most effective marketing strategies for your brand. Employ smart marketing campaigns and strategy to stand out in the crowded gym that is the fitness industry. 

Fitness brands—individual and companies—have begun leveraging the power of digital marketing, with YouTube videos and Instagram posts, especially, being a great source of quality leads. 


Piece out short-term and long-term strategies to allow your team to capture a piece of the near trillion-dollar beauty industry.

Influencers & PR Hacking

Create an easily recognizable fitness brand, boosted with top-notch digital marketing strategies to tap into a multibillion dollar health and fitness industry marketing. Reach your target audience with influencers who resonate and PR campaigns that evoke emotions.

Social Media Marketing

Seeing is believing, and when it comes to promises of fitness, your social media plays an even bigger role. We will help you run your social media marketing campaign, curating valuable content, relevant images and videos, and also launching, managing, and tracking paid social media campaigns.

Content Creation

Content is king, especially when marketing fitness services and products. We will create, curate, and optimize relevant and valuable content that encourages user engagement and eventual conversion to sales. From blog posts, to email marketing, tweets, Instagram posts and captions, YouTube videos, and Pinterest pins, we will cover all your bases with thrilling and compelling content.

Paid Campaign Management

Effective management and tracking of your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns in order to maximize the return on investment. With our industry leading software, we can create campaigns built on excellent keyword strategy, high-yielding search terms, all at competitive prices.

Higher Search Ranking

Put your website at the top of Google Search results to draw in more traffic. With off and on-site SEO, we will draw your boost your brand’s online presence, as well as lead generation and conversion.

Market Research & Analytics

A broad, in-depth look at the fitness industry—trends, market productions, relevant tags, search terms, and competitor research. Get a leg up on the competition with insights into the ebb and flow of the fitness industry.