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Looking to promote your jewelry brand?

With the erosion of retail jewelry store locations and an ever-evolving market, manufacturers and brands must adapt for digital marketing. Especially because there has been a consistent uptick of 4% avg. per year.

Brenton Way’s campaigns are specifically designed to position growing jewelry brands to established companies.  Our agency builds out clear growth phases in your marketing with what are called “impact reports” so you can see how your digital presence has impacted your business. 

We also provide bi-weekly meetings with our team to go over the progress of our creative content, social media, SEO, Ads, & PR.


Award-Winning Marketing Strategies Starts With Us

Stand Out in the Sea of Competitors

In 2020,  Americans have spent $72.41 on luxury watches alone with new companies coming up in the market such as MVMT. These new startups are able to disrupt the market and set new precedents. It’s about evolving. 

Revenue (2019)
+1.5% yoy 
US $17,608m
Average Revenue per Capita (2019)
+0.8% yoy 
US $58.54

Stats of the Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry is a very competitive market because of the average price point of the product. Building a proper brand is imperative to attract potential customers. This means investing in a strong indirect marketing campaign that shows the relevance of your company.


Get better insight to your digital marketing strategy with data-driven marketing solutions and an on-call team that acts as the right arm to your marketing initiatives.

Influencers for Jewelry Brands

Influencer marketing has become one of the most important channels for diamonds & jewelry. Brenton Way creates new relationships with influencers who resonate with your brand and promote your work.

Social Media for Jewelry

The social media campaigns are specifically designed to create high-level content of upcoming pieces of your jewelry by bringing in our experienced photographers & producers to put together creative posts.

Branding with Jewelry

A proper brand takes time and to do that you need to set up proper guideline on how people view your company. Our team helps you create a brand bible to set you apart from your competitors.

Paid Campaign Management

Spending ads for jewelry companies come down to hyper-targeted audiences who have indicated purchase-intent. We take the time to find & build creative ad campaigns for your brand.

Creative Content for Diamonds & Jewelry

Brenton Way will storyboard and prduce creative content about your company. Create branded video creative of your products or have us write engaging written articles about the benefits of your products.

Market & Competitor Research

Don't just think - know who your competitors are by listening to your market. We are able to "listen" into social media conversations and see what jewelry brands or diamond companies your audiences are talking about.

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