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The legal profession is ever-evolving and thanks to digital marketing, you can easily tap into a larger audience. Thousands of legal firms and practitioners have opened what can be considered a ‘virtual chambers,’ marketing themselves to millions of potential clients, rather than being limited to their local community and Word of Mouth.

Brenton Way has been leading the way, providing law firms digital marketing strategies to turn their practice into diverse clientele. For years, we have helped law firms improve online visibility, gain more traffic and clients all while conforming to the codes and ethics of legal marketing.
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Performance-focused Marketing Campaigns

Specialized pages that provide valuable content—legal opinions, decided cases, blog, and contact information—are created and appropriately tagged, to ensure this information is easily accessible. With optimized and functional landing pages, your PPC campaigns (paid advertisement) has a much higher return on investment..

Another issue we solve at Brenton Way is mobile optimization. In general, 33% of legal websites are not optimized for mobile users —our website designers ensure your firm taps into this rich demographic.,

Brenton Way's Law Industry Marketing Services

Law practice industry marketing is hinged squarely on search engine optimization, especially getting to the top of Google Search results. Organic traffic is the cheapest and most effective way to boost your firm’s visibility, and Google provides in the excess of 2 billion web visitors. Optimizing your law firm’s presence with up-to-date SEO tactics—in line with the legal code of ethics—will catapult your business’s virtual presence. On-site and off-site SEO, all white-hat, are provided, with tactics that lap the competition.
Social Media
Leveraging the power of social media is an effective and relatively inexpensive to garner an attentive, potentially paying, audience. Our team of social media experts will provide your law firm with highly curated content, crafted to develop a mutual bond between your firm and its online followership.

Value adding services like a social media page where you dole out valuable legal insights and advice; and communicate with a diverse audience form all over the world, provides your firm with credibility, and most importantly, reliability and increased trust from your target demographic.
Digital marketing for law firms require, above all, a brand that stands out. Your legal should have a memorable, easily distinguished and recognizable identity. With the help of Brenton Way’s creative and digital marketing team, your law firm can see up to 90% increment in organic traffic within the first year of optimization.
Paid Campaign
Paid advertisements, especially Google AdWords can provide the boost needed to turn your business into a successful multi-million dollar practice. Done right, a PPC campaign with a click-through-rate as high as 7% will bring in hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars, in terms of legal fees from clients.

Targeting the right keywords (localized and relating to your specialty,) as well as competitive bidding, is the key to turning PPC for your law firm into a profitable investment.
Creative Content
Providing a service millions of people require daily, to get your law firm ahead, you must be able to provide what people really need: valuable content. 96% of people seeking legal advice turn to the internet, and your firm stands a better chance of securing their business if it provides the information they so desperately crave.

We will create blogs, email marketing campaigns, and newsletters to help you connect to your audience—gaining their trust in the process.
Market & Competitor
Your website is your virtual law office, and as such, must have a high level of appeal to your visitors. Brenton Way has mastered the art of creating websites that pull in clients, with unmatched conversion rates. Content accessibility and user experience are vital, as well as providing a compelling Call-To-Action.

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