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Google Ads Agency: Google PPC Management Services

Google Ads agencies have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in online advertising. They stay updated on digital marketing trends, features, and best practices. This expertise allows businesses to leverage their knowledge for more effective campaigns. Managing Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming. Outsourcing this task to a specialized Google PPC management company helps […]

Google Ads agency


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Google Ads agencies have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in online advertising. They stay updated on digital marketing trends, features, and best practices. This expertise allows businesses to leverage their knowledge for more effective campaigns.

Managing Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming. Outsourcing this task to a specialized Google PPC management company helps businesses generate a higher ROI on their Google Ads spend. 

What is a Google Ads Agency?

A Google Ads company is a digital marketing service provider with a team of certified Google Ads specialists. They help startups and enterprises from every niche to run ads on Google’s search engine results pages, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and various partner sites. 

Google advertising experts make it easier for companies to run their ads on the Google Ads platform, which can confuse new businesses and professionals with limited knowledge of the platform. 

Understanding the basics of Google Adwords, like the Ad Quality Score, the bidding process, CPC, CTA, landing pages, AdRank, CPC, and other concepts, is important for running cost-effective Search and Display campaigns. 

The expertise of Google advertising companies ensures that businesses can effectively reach their target audiences, maximize ad visibility, and achieve their advertising objectives. 

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What Services Do Google Ads Management Companies Offer?

Google PPC companies offer the below services to help businesses create, optimize, and manage their advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform. 

  • Campaign Strategy: Develop comprehensive advertising strategies based on business goals and target audience.
  • Keyword Research: Identify relevant keywords for effective ad targeting.
  • Ad Creation: Design and create compelling ad creatives, including text, images, and videos.
  • Budget Planning: Assist in setting and managing advertising budgets effectively.
  • Targeting and Placement: Determine the best targeting options and ad placements to reach the desired audience.
  • Campaign Monitoring: Regularly monitor campaign performance, analyzing key metrics.
  • Optimization: Implement changes to improve ad performance and maximize ROI.
  • Reporting: Provide regular reports detailing campaign performance, including metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates.
  • Adherence to Policies: Ensure campaigns comply with Google Ads policies and guidelines.

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads lets businesses bid on different keyphrases related to their products or services. When searchers use one of these keywords on Google, the search engine returns matching ads based on the chosen bids and ad rank.

To create a Google Ads campaign, you’ll need to:

  • Choose your campaign type and goals
  • Set your budget and bidding strategy
  • Create your ad groups and ads
  • Choose your targeting options
  • Launch your campaign and monitor its performance

Choosing the Right Google Ad Campaign Type for Your Business Goals 

Google Ads offers several campaign types, each tailored to specific marketing goals and strategies. Your choice of campaign type depends on your objectives and the time you can invest. 

Here’s a guide to help you select the right campaign type for your advertising needs: 

Performance Max Campaigns: Access All Channels with Google AI Optimization 

Advantages of Performance Max:

  • Simple setup with AI optimization.
  • Increase conversions and value through real-time optimization. 
  • Find new customers with a real-time understanding of user intent. 
  • Gain richer insights through the “Insights” page and “Combinations” report. Create Performance Max Campaign 

Search Campaigns: Text Ads on Search Results 

Advantages of Search Campaigns:

  • Boost online sales, leads, or website traffic. 
  • Easy setup with text ads and keyword selection. 
  • Highly specific targeting for people actively searching for your offerings. 

Display Campaigns: Image Ads on Websites 

Advantages of Display Campaigns:

  • Drive sales and leads with visually engaging ads. 
  • Create awareness and consideration beyond search results. 
  • Reach audiences on millions of websites, apps, and Google-owned properties.  

Video Campaigns: Video Ads on YouTube and Other Websites 

Advantages of Video Campaigns:

  • Build awareness and consideration with video ads. 
  • Drive sales and leads with action-focused video ads. 
  • Expand reach beyond search results. 

App Campaigns: Promote Your App Across Channels 

Advantages of App Campaigns:

  • Drive installs, engagements, and signups for your app. 
  • Multi-channel marketing across Search, Play, YouTube, and more. 
  • Easy setup with Google AI-powered targeting and ad creation.  

Smart Campaigns: Set Up and Automate with Google AI 

Advantages of Smart Campaigns:

  • Increase sales and signups effortlessly. 
  • Easy setup with Google AI handling campaign optimization. 
  • Advanced optimization for efficient results. Create Smart Campaign 

Shopping Campaigns or Performance Max with Merchant Center Feed: Product Listings 

Why Choose Shopping Campaigns: 

  • It is ideal for retailers promoting product inventory. 
  • Use visually engaging product listings. 
  • Boost local storefront sales with nearby inventory. 

Remember to align your advertising objectives with the corresponding campaign type. Whether focused on sales, brand awareness, app promotion, or a combination, Google Ads offers versatile tools to meet your marketing needs.

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What Are The Advantages of Partnering With Google Ads Agencies?

Here are the top advantages of partnering with PPC services:

Strategic Insights

Partnering with a PPC Ads agency provides access to seasoned professionals with deep industry knowledge. Their strategic insights can uncover niche opportunities and unique approaches tailored to your business, ensuring a more nuanced and effective advertising strategy.

Competitive Edge Through Data

Google Ads agencies leverage data analytics to gain a competitive edge. By delving into granular details of your campaign performance, they identify trends, consumer behaviors, and emerging opportunities, enabling data-driven decision-making beyond conventional approaches.

Customized Conversion Optimization

A distinct advantage lies in the ability of Google Ads agencies to craft customized conversion optimization strategies. By understanding your specific campaign objectives and buyer persona, they implement personalized tactics beyond standard practices, enhancing the likelihood of meaningful user actions.

Adaptive Targeting Strategies

PPC ad agencies excel in developing adaptive targeting strategies. They go beyond conventional demographic targeting and employ dynamic approaches, considering factors like user intent, seasonality, and market shifts to ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time for maximum impact.

Creative Excellence

Creative excellence is a hallmark of Google Adwords agencies. Their experienced teams understand the psychology of effective ad creatives, crafting visually compelling and emotionally resonant content. This artistic touch can significantly enhance engagement and create a memorable brand presence.

Proactive Problem Resolution

A key advantage is the proactive problem-solving approach of PPC companies. Instead of reactive measures, they anticipate potential issues, troubleshoot challenges, and implement preemptive solutions. This forward-thinking methodology minimizes disruptions and ensures sustained campaign success.

Budget Control

Google Ads agencies help you set and control your advertising budget effectively. They understand how to allocate funds across campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to maximize results within your financial constraints.

Keyword Optimization

Agencies conduct comprehensive PPC keyword analysis to identify the most ROI-friendly keywords for your business. This optimization ensures that your ads are shown to users looking for your products or services.

Ad Copy and Creatives

Pay-per-click services excel in creating compelling ad copy and visuals. They understand how to craft messages your target buyers understand, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.

Ad Extensions and Features

PPC companies leverage advanced features and ad extensions offered by Google Ads. These include site link extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippets, enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of your ads.

Better ROI

With strategic planning, continuous optimization, and data-driven decision-making, Google pay-per-click agencies work towards achieving a better return on investment for your advertising spend. They aim to maximize the value generated from each marketing dollar.

How Much Do Google Ads Agencies Charge?

Pricing ModelDescription
Percentage of Ad SpendAgencies charge a percentage (usually 10-20%) of the total ad spend. This model aligns agency compensation with campaign size.
Flat Monthly FeeA fixed monthly fee is charged, irrespective of the ad spend. Suitable for businesses with consistent or predictable advertising budgets.
Performance-BasedAgencies tie their compensation to specific performance metrics, like conversions or ROI. This aligns the agency’s success with the client’s business outcomes.
Hourly ConsultingSome agencies charge an hourly rate for consulting services, ideal for businesses seeking specific advice or short-term assistance.
Hybrid ModelsAgencies may combine elements of different models to create a customized pricing structure that suits the unique needs of the client.

What Are The Tactics Used By Google Adwords Management Companies?

Here are some tactics used by Google PPC management companies: 

Keyword Research

They conduct detailed keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords that align with the business goals. This includes identifying long-tail keywords to target specific user intent.

Ad Copy Optimization

PPC specialists create attractive ad copies that meet the user’s needs. Testing and optimizing ad headlines, descriptions, and calls-to-action are ongoing processes to enhance ad performance.

Landing Page Optimization

They ensure the landing pages linked to the ads are optimized for user experience and conversions. This involves aligning the landing page’s content, design, and call-to-action with the ad’s messaging.

Ad Extensions

They leverage ad extensions to provide additional information and encourage user engagement. This includes site link extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippet extensions.

Targeting Strategies

To reach the most relevant audience segments, implement precise targeting strategies, such as geotargeting, demographic, and device targeting.

Bid Management

Monitor and adjust bid strategies to maximize return on investment. This involves adjusting bids based on performance data, competition, and other relevant factors.

Negative Keywords

Effectively manage negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic and improve the overall quality of clicks.

Remarketing Campaigns

PPC specialists execute remarketing campaigns to re-engage users who have previously interacted with the website. This helps reinforce brand awareness and encourages conversions.

A/B Testing

Conduct A/B testing on various campaign elements, such as ad copy, images, and landing page design, to identify the most effective combinations.

Conversion Tracking

They set up and regularly review conversion tracking to measure the ROI of PPC campaigns and make data-driven optimizations.

Quality Score Improvement

They help to improve the Quality Score by enhancing ad relevance, click-through rates, and landing page experience. A higher Ad Score results in better ad placements and low ad campaign costs.

Ad Schedule Optimization

Analyze the performance of ads at different times of the day and days of the week. Adjust ad schedules to align with peak performance periods.

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Meet Brenton Way – The Leading Google Ads Agency 

Brenton Way is a premier Google Ads agency providing clients with a comprehensive suite of Google PPC ad management services to scale advertising dollars seamlessly across various paid mediums. 

Our leading PPC company tailors advertising strategies through native, display, AdWords, and Facebook. Our team of certified Google Ads specialists understands your business goals carefully before launching an ad campaign so that you get excellent returns on your Adwords spending. With a promise to keep clients updated weekly, we ensure a transparent view of progress. 

Our PPC Management Services

  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Competitor Analysis  
  • SWOT Analysis & Research
  • Display Advertising 
  • Social Media Advertising 
  • Remarketing/Retargeting 
  • Shopping Ads 
  • Video Advertising 
  • Mobile Advertising 
  • Landing Page Optimization 
  • Ad Copywriting 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Bid Management 
  • Conversion Tracking 
  • A/B Testing 
  • Performance Analytics 
  • Budget Management 
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Ad-Groups & Ad-Text Optimization

Why Choose Us As Your Google PPC Agency?

  • Cross-Channel Advertising: Spread awareness like wildfire by tailoring your advertising dollars across native, display, AdWords, and Facebook. Our comprehensive approach ensures you have access to media buy channels beyond the norm, expanding your impressions. 
  • Creative Management: Leave the design, copy, and advertising spend management to us. We cover 90% of online ad real estate, providing a scalable paid media strategy. 
  • Scalability Assessment: Before diving into strategies, we conduct a thorough audit to understand your company’s standing. Based on the findings, we create a tailor-made advertising strategy that suits your PPC campaign needs and goals. 
  • Conversion-Friendly Landing Page Audit: Get a 5-page conversion-friendly landing page audit on us. We analyze over 25 critical factors leading to low-converting landing pages and wasted ad spend, providing valuable insights in a detailed PDF report.

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Our Approach To Google PPC Management

  • SWOT Analysis & Research: We start with a SWOT analysis, delving into your business processes and competitors’ strategies to inform a robust digital marketing plan. 
  • Diversified Ad-Spend: Depending on your goals, we build and manage various digital marketing and advertising campaigns, optimizing channels like Google Search, Display, Remarketing, YouTube TrueView, and more. 
  • Ad-Groups & Ad-Texts: We create keyword-specific ad-groups with relevant ad-texts. Continuous A/B and Multivariate testing ensure we find the best-performing ad text for quality score, click-through rate, cost per click, conversions, and more. 
  • Keyword Targeting: Thorough keyword research coupled with a decade of experience enables us to identify profitable keywords that bring value to your business. 

Add-On Modules to Boost PPC Performance

  • Dynamic Landing Pages: Launch dynamic landing pages for agile market testing and iterations in half the time. 
  • Social Proof Activation: Build and quickly enhance your company listings across multiple directories and microsites. 
  • Gamifying the Experience: Engage your audience by gamifying the website experience with interactive quizzes and playful games to receive coupons and discounts on your ads.

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Google Ads management companies are crucial in helping businesses get the best ROI through the Google Ads platform. 

Their comprehensive range of services, from strategic planning and ad creation to continuous optimization and performance monitoring, is geared toward maximizing the impact of advertising campaigns. 

By leveraging expertise in keyword research, audience targeting, and ad optimization, these companies aim to achieve the best possible return on investment for their clients. 

Ready to Explore the Potential of Paid Media for your Business? Let’s Discuss Your Strategy:

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