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We help you generate more business leads directly from local & national PPC ads campaigns in the westlake village area., all with an in-house marketing team.

When considering viable and sustainable marketing and advertisement campaigns, Pay-per-Click campaigns ranks high. Maximizing the effects of your SEO efforts, AdWords PPC campaigns create an almost instantaneous boost in traffic, good lead generation, and conversion to sales.  Given the importance of PPC to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns, it is paramount to get the right PPC managers to help organize your actions.

To design the best PPC services Los Angeles businesses can leverage, we combine multiple marketing channels and strategies to ensure your campaign is optimal:  blending an array of profitable long-tail and short   keywords, optimizing user experience, and engaging in proactive SEM measures.

Leverage our extensive knowledge of the market, and assortments of intelligent market tools and algorithms to optimize you website, and maximize your ROI. Employ locally targeted prime traffic to increase your chances of sales and boosting good lead generation.

Target highly profitable local traffic in the Los Angeles area, to increase your business’s profitability and sales.

What To Expect

There is a reason why we are ranked #1 for PPC services Los Angeles. Clients can expect:

  • Market Insights

We have comprehensive knowledge of the local trends and tendencies of potential buyers in your locale. Our market knowledge also allows us productive campaigns at competitive and optimal prices.

  • Effective Keyword Research

The pillar of any successful PPC campaign. Keyword research is vital, and in a competitive region like in PPC Services Los Angeles, a keyword strategy with long-tail targeting is what will put you ahead of competition. Rather than focus on mere traffic, our keyword strategy cuts out bad leads and drives only viable and easy to convert leads to your website.

  • Ad Copy-Writing

Loaded Ad copies that trigger massive engagement and push lead generation. Maximize the return you receive off these limited texts. Our team of Ad copywriters create eye-catching eye-grabbers for you pay-per-click campaigns.



  • Software and Algorithms

We employ state-of-the-art software to track and monitor PPC campaign progression and conversion. We also scour the internet and competitors to create a strong keyword strategy that drastically improves your traffic and, subsequently, drive sales.

  • Local Targeting and Exposure

Corner the market in your industry in the richly rewarding Los Angeles region with our fully-optimized PPC campaign schemes. Target profitable niche demographics for maximum ROI, and guaranteed publicity for your business.

  • Cost Cutting Measures

We will run regular checks and comprehensive analysis of your Pay-per-Click AdWord campaigns to ensure your marketing budget is fully utilized. Dormant or redundant campaigns are stopped; granting you more capital to invest in campaigns with high CTR to CPC ratio—essentially getting more for less.

Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns in Los Angeles

Broad scale SEO and SEM are not a bad idea; however, for businesses in Los Angeles, your efforts must be more locally targeted, to produce maximum ROI. Our Los Angeles PPC services ensures your business gains the visibility it needs in the city of angel; all while driving in sales and new customers.

Brenton Way is an industry tested digital marketing firm, with experience in enlarging the public profiles of local businesses, with a well-crafted marketing strategy to ensure the maximum rate of conversion. Local businesses in Los Angeles looking to push far ahead of competitors must consider the benefits of these PPC services.



"What I love about Brenton Way is that they are not afraid to change the status quo and show us how to really grow. When you see 40% growth in 3 months, you know it's real!"
Alice Win
Digital Marketing Manager
“Brenton Way was everything I hoped for, and more. Our startup was looking for an agile team that can build on our proof of concept. They delivered by giving us a 380% ROAS on Facebook & Adwords.
Jennifer Gerber
Lead Strategist


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