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Looking for scalable SEO strategies for your dermatology practice? Brenton Way has a team of healthcare SEO experts to optimize your dermatology website to help you acquire more traffic, leads, and conversions.  We ensure efficient Googlebot crawling, EEAT-friendly content, and faster acquisition of high-quality backlinks to help you rank for intent-based and multi-location keywords to get more appointments to your dermatology clinic. 
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  • Published by Jonathan Saidein
  • 10 July 2024
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SEO For Dermatologists

The role of SEO in growing your practice can’t be underestimated. 

High-growth dermatology digital marketing strategies bring more patients quickly and easily to dermatology medical centers.

Here is why search engine optimization is so useful for dermatologists:

Drive Traffic to Your Site

By optimizing your medical website for keywords your potential patients use to find your offered dermatology services, you can drive qualified traffic and stop losing patients to your competitors.

54% of millennials look for symptoms, health information, and doctors online. SEO helps your dermatology and skin care services rank higher on search engines to reach potential patients actively seeking the treatments and services you offer.

Boost Your Website’s Credibility 

Patients looking for dermatology clinics or doctors online consider sites that rank higher in organic search engine results to be credible and trustworthy.

With high-growth SEO and reputation management strategies, you can maximize your domain's authority and help it rank higher in search engines for your target keyphrases. 

Get More Healthcare Appointment Calls

SEO helps drive more appointment calls from your Google local business profile and website. 

With traffic-generating local SEO strategies, you can boost the number of dermatology consultation appointment calls from patients from the local areas your clinic serves. 

Achieve an Excellent Patient Conversion Rate

Every medical practice wants to convert more website visitors into appointments or leads. Derma clinics and skincare specialists can increase their patient conversion rate to drive more profits by leveraging full-funnel SEO growth tactics. 

Powerful search engine optimization tactics optimize your website architecture, landing page content, and CTAs to ensure visitors get what they come for and don’t leave the site without taking action. 

Dermatology Search Engine Optimization Services

With the growth of voice search optimization, user queries are becoming unique, conversational, and long-tail. 

We understand what it takes to create intent-driven landing pages to reach prospective patients looking for derma care services using their unique match of keyword phrases. 

Brenton Way’s team of experienced organic marketers prepares a custom healthcare marketing plan for dermatologists to help them acquire the right patients. 

We apply the latest content marketing trends and tactics to prepare intent-specific landing pages following the Google EEAT guidelines to increase your content relevance score. 

From website mobile responsiveness to claiming and optimizing your Google Business profile, we apply the right mix of SEO strategies to scale your dermatology practice.  

Dermatology SEO Marketing

We provide custom SEO plans for dermatology clinics to grow their patient base. 

Our top-notch dermatology SEO marketing services cover every aspect of powerful search engine optimization to increase patient calls and appointments.

We offer personalized SEO solutions for medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology doctors and clinics. 

Competitor Research and Strategy Planning To Grow Your Dermatology Practice

We analyze in-depth competition to find local and regional competitors, reverse-engineering their website structures, target keywords, and content marketing efforts.

Using SWOT analysis and pinpointing keyword, content, and linking gaps, we uncover unique SEO opportunities for your practice to excel and differentiate itself.

After thorough competitive research, we create custom growth strategies and KPIs that align with your long-term business goals and SEO campaign objectives. 

Intent-Based Keyword Research Containing High-Converting Phrases To a The Right Patients

Our expert healthcare SEO team performs extensive keyword research to discover high-converting phrases based on your target locations and services.

We understand the real intent behind the keyword searches to uncover whether they're researching skincare solutions, seeking treatment options, or looking for a trusted dermatologist in their area.

We prepare a list of high-growth phrases to attract the right patients and target audience based on our data accumulated via several SEO keyword research tools. From "acne treatment near me" to "best dermatologist for eczema," we pinpoint the exact terms patients use to solve their skincare concerns.

Local SEO for Dermatologists

We create, manage, and optimize your Google Business Profile by ensuring your business has correct NAP, high-quality images, proper descriptions, proper categories related to your practice, positive reviews, and engaging posts. 

By targeting location-specific keywords such as "dermatologist near me" or "skin clinic in [Your City]," we ensure your practice appears in relevant local searches.

We also create people-first localized content through blog posts, service pages, and tutorials for each geographical area your service has, addressing common skincare concerns and providing valuable information to local patients. 

Our local SEO team also helps you build and maintain consistent local citations across medical directories, healthcare review platforms, and social media channels to increase your practice’s credibility and trust. 

Technical and On-Page Site Audits

Our specialized team of medical SEO experts uses modern tools and software to perform comprehensive tech SEO audits to discover bottlenecks in your organic sales growth plan. 

From identifying crawl errors to optimizing site speed, we ensure users have no difficulties browsing your website. 

We also run detailed On-page site audits to optimize meta tags, heading tags, content quality, internal linking, and schema markups. 

Our expert healthcare link building team leverages high-value link acquisition strategies to improve your domain and online reputation to achieve faster organic growth. 

Dermatology Content Marketing

We follow the latest Google EEAT (Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trust) guidelines to create people-first, original, and detailed content pieces to grow your website traffic and leads.

Our healthcare content marketing best practices positions your practice as a trusted authority by sharing your expertise and insights through your content. 

We create case studies, patient testimonials, before-and-after photos, and patient success stories to demonstrate your medical expertise and the effectiveness of your treatments.

Link Building

Acquiring high-authority links from relevant domains in the healthcare and dermatology niche is essential to increasing your domain's value in search engines.

Our expert link builders specializing in the healthcare niche help you create content that could naturally attract links. We also do link outreach, broken link building, testimonial link acquisition, and editorial link placements for faster link acquisition.

Monthly Reporting and Analytics

Brenton Way offers detailed and easy-to-understand SEO reports and analytics dashboards that benchmark the KPIs at the beginning of the campaign and show visible growth month-over-month. 

We use various analytics tools, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMrush, HubSpot, and others, to track and share SEO performance reports. 

Partner with a Specialized Dermatology Digital Marketing Agency

Our derma website SEO services implement full-funnel SEO marketing techniques to elevate your dermatology clinic’s online visibility and get more appointments. 

Brenton Way’s team of professional SEO specialists leverages the latest SEO techniques and tools to ensure that your website is always ranked highly and visible to prospective patients via organic search.

Request a consultation with our SEO growth experts to attract new patients for your dermatology practice. 

Dermatology Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Keyword and Content Gap Analysis

We compare the keywords of your top three competitors to identify the search terms they are using in their strategy. Keyword gap analysis helps us know the exact search terms your competitors outperform you for. Similar to keyword gap analysis, we also perform content gap analysis to identify the topics they cover on their website (blogs and service pages) that your site is missing. By determining the keywords and topics, we prepare a custom SEO for dermatology plan to bring targeted traffic and more patient appointments. 

Local Search Optimization

Based on your target locations, we create and optimize Google Business listings and multi-location landing pages for every city your business has a presence in. We also acquire local citations, reviews, and backlinks to increase your local business rankings in Google Maps. 

Site Technical Audit and Issue Fixing 

To help you reach the top positions in organic Google search results, we conduct a detailed tech site audit to uncover broken links, duplicate content, canonicalization issues, site speed errors, indexing and crawling issues, and more. We use the latest tools to scale SEO audits and quickly discover and fix issues that are stopping the organic growth of your healthcare website. 

On-Page Optimization

We use proven on-page optimization techniques for dermatology digital marketing to outgrow your competitors. Our content creation and optimization team ensures that each target landing page has keywords in prominent positions like H1, meta title, and URL to boost the content relevance score. We optimize internal linking, images, and site structure to ensure your most important landing pages get the maximum link equity and organic visits. 

Healthcare Content Strategy

Our full-funnel healthcare content marketing strategy is focused on patient education, brand awareness, and conversions. We craft well-written content pieces for each stage of the healthcare buyer journey to build a robust online presence for your dermatology and skin specialty clinic. Before preparing content, we create your ideal patient persona, select the tone of voice, and decide the type of content to create to match the exact user needs. 

Medical and Health Link Building

We use data-driven techniques to craft a professional medical and health SEO link-building strategy to improve your backlink profile and domain score. We also do blogger outreach, content creation, guest posting, PR marketing, and other modern and scalable link-building tactics to improve your dermatology marketing campaign KPIs.

Hire Our Expert Dermatology Digital Marketing & SEO Agency For Long-Term Results

From acquiring positive online reviews to growing your digital presence, we apply proven multi-location dermatology marketing strategies to help your dermatology practice grow. Our digital marketing for dermatology growth plan will help you achieve faster rankings in search engine results and attract more patients. 

Brenton Way's team of qualified search specialists use intent-based keywords and phrases to craft successful SEO and digital marketing campaigns to outgrow your competition. Our effective SEO strategies help you get your website on top of the search for queries where prospective patients are looking for a dermatologist. 

Consult with our advertising specialists to boost your patient growth.


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