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Few Moda Case Study

How we helped Few Moda scale their Paid Media through rapid A/B test experimentation


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See how we helped this fashion line expand its digital presence with Paid & Social ad performance campaigns.
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Who is Few Moda?

From going out to staying in, lounging around to working out, get that new clothes feeling every day.
Few Moda is a small team of fashion obsessed, retail-savvy women who love to constantly replenish our closets with elevated and on-trend, yet quality pieces. Balking at the steep traditional retail markups in the industry they are equally as hesitant about the inconvenience and uncertainty clothing rental services. That’s why they decided to do it themselves and create Few Moda.

Marketing Strategies


Performance through multiple creative A/B tests from dynamic carousels

Initial ad sets were underperforming before our team came in – many ad creatives were set up in silos and were not targeting the important mid-tier market that were making most of the web purchases.

Our team integrate the retargeting ad campaigns to the BOFU & cart abandonment actions to improve overall ROAS while running multiple split tests on product carousels. This allowed us to constantly improve our ROAS month-over-month to an avg. 6-7X ROAS and hit peak at 9X ROAS.

Analyzed the web experience and redesigned a flow

The website needed to speak strongly to its typical buyers. We analyzed all aspects of the user buying journey on website load using GA, Supermetrics, and Hotjar to create a more cohesive web design layout.

Our before and after tests saw 3:1 increase in site engagement overall from first site visit to exit rate percentage.
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