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Tepe USA Case Study

How we helped Tepe USA expand their brand presence across their social media channels


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Performance Recap

See how we helped Autonomous 4x their social engagement.

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Who is Tepe USA?

Tepe USA provides interdental brushes, toothpastes, picks, and specialty brushes to keep your teeth looking clean.

Marketing Objectives

Our primary objective was to create a social community and build unique social media content through influencers with designed posts that would bring to life the brand vision.

Marketing Strategies


Targeted SEO traffic for important dental keywords

Our approach focused on capitalizing on Tepe USA’s brand recognition and revolving educational content around each of the products and their primary benefits, ultimately pushing us to the top of rankings for over 1,200 new keywords.

Improved SEO-ready web design

The new website we helped build brough the site load speed from an avg. 12 second load time to under 2 seconds, resulting in a massive improvement to site engagement and also the User Experience across the buyers journey.

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