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Your New TikTok Marketing Agency

Unleash the full potential of your brand and take your TikTok marketing to new heights with the expert guidance of our premier growth marketing agency.

Your Full Stack TikTok Marketing Agency

Marketing Strategy

Reach intent-buyers by building high-level organic relevancy through your business.

Paid Ads Management

Scale your ad spend using our proprietar IcarusX technology and increase your ROAS.

Social Media Management

Create your story across your social media with fully managed content, curation, and growth.

Creative Content Studio

Get unique creative product photography exclusively from our creative studio in Los Angeles.

Email Marketing

Build unique email marketing funnels and ignite your most avid consumers.

Brand Identity

Tell your own story with a defined brand identity from logo, messaging, and artwork.

Understanding Our Process

TikTok is growing, are you on it?


Human insight and involvement is the make-or-break factor in today’s marketing world. Accounts must be built in a way that delivers clear and valuable insight into individual audience efficiency, and then implementing these learnings to unlock scale without it being at the expense of ad spend efficiency.


The other half of the puzzle is creative – we tailor our creative initiatives to align with the respective audience targeting strategy. Our team of in-house graphic designers work alongside our strategists to ensure that current industry-wide and even brand-specific trends are being implemented, and that new creative is maximizing your CTR and minimizing creative fatigue.


We scale best performing strategies while neurotically optimizing on bids, budgets, audiences, and creatives to achieve the highest possible ROI at the highest possible scale – while providing real-time reports on performance and data.

Content Creation & Production

Scroll Stopping Content that Converts

Creative Content Studio

Content is king, especially on TikTok. That’s why we use Creators from our community that put their creative first and know how to engage their audience so you tap true audience growth. By leveraging creators and our own content studio, we dominate your product vertical on TikTok, quickly and efficiently.

Paid TikTok Performance

Unlock Efficiency With Paid Performance

Creative + Data + Strategy is what we use to fuel our ads initiatives. With our BW Creative Studio we are able to create unique creative content or with Tiktok Creators. We use Data from our IcarusX dashboard to build first party data ad campaigns, and most importantly our innovative growth strategists who will scale your brand to new heights.

Creator Partnerships & Campaigns

Let the Best Talent Speak for You

55% of TikTokers use products or services they know from creatirs they trust on TikTok. We gain important insights from these thought-leaders and leaverage their creative talent to define your brand story and convey it to their most avid audiences.


Track Marketing Performance

Gain a 360 View Of Your Digital Growth

Drive 440% better ROAS using our proprietary analytics dashboard called IcarusX. Gain pure insight into the most effective ad campaigns, view audiences, and track your conversion rates all directly within our platform. We also use this to create new ad campaigns.

Let's Help Scale Your Brand on Tiktok

See why over 900+ brands trust Brenton Way to successfully scale their company for brand dominance every single month.

We are leaders in our industry, creating unique marketing technology mixed with leaders in their space to create the most effective marketing campaigns. We fly under the radar and put our product & operations as our focus when landing clients.

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