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Cleure Case Study

How we helped Cleure into a new category king in the highly-competitive Skincare vertical.


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See how we helped this Skincare brand expand its digital presence with Paid Social & PPC Ad performance campaigns.
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Who is Cleure?

Cleure stands out as the trusted brand for sensitive skin personal care products.
Cleure is a website dedicated to products developed by Dr. Flora Stay. The company, Cleure, was established over 20 years ago and offers a range of products designed for sensitive skin and oral health. The primary focus is on creating products that are free of common irritants and allergens.

Marketing Strategies


Utilizing Education & Thought-leadership to Drive TOFU

The quiz proved to be a highly effective conversion tool. It turned website visitors into engaged customers by guiding them on their skincare journey and offering personalized solutions. Instead of navigating through an array of products, customers were directed to products specifically tailored to their needs, significantly simplifying their decision-making process and motivating them to make a purchase.

Moreover, the data captured from the quiz provided valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior. It allowed us to segment our email marketing and retargeting campaigns more effectively, serving personalized content that resonated with each user's unique skincare needs.

A Social Feed That Speaks For Itself

Our work on social media involved developing engaging content and targeted ad campaigns designed to boost brand awareness and reach. This strategy effectively increased Cleure's Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and overall customer engagement.

In terms of influencer marketing, we formed strategic partnerships with relevant influencers who could authentically promote Cleure's products. These partnerships expanded Cleure's audience reach and generated compelling content that resonated with potential customers.
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