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Top 15 Best NFT Marketing Agencies That Can Help Sellout Your Project

  • July 28, 2022
  • Kevin Sozanski

With NFTs entering the marketing space, a new space in marketing has opened up: The niche for marketing NFT projects.

Kevin Sozanski

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Because as you may know, marketing NFT projects is an entirely different ballgame than marketing regular web2.0 companies.

I have previously written an article called “The ultimate guide to NFT marketing in 2022 [+ 4 case studies]”.  It also features detailed case studies on how some of the most popular NFT projects tackled their marketing. 

But for now, let’s look at some of the biggest, most badass, and boldest NFT marketing agencies out there. Cause there are quite a few!

Brenton Way – Launch & grow your NFT community with the fastest growing NFT Marketing Agency

Brenton Way knows precisely what your target audience wants, needs, and what it takes to growth hack the progress of your NFT project.

We know how much of a monumental task it can be for a founding team to sell out a project successfully, and we know exactly what it takes to do so. 

Our completely in-house marketing team will help you get the exposure and recognition your project deserves.

We have a full range of services that will help you:

  • Reach mass adoption: You need eyeballs. When you start working with us, you will no longer need to waste valuable resources on finding out how to reach the right people. Brenton Way knows precisely how to find your target audience and engage them.
  • Fill up your whitelist fast: we have unique ways of qualifying your prospects to ensure that they will also actually buy into your project. Qualifying your prospects makes them more likely to mint.
  • Reach key opinion leaders: we have created relationships with some of the most well-known influencers, and we will get your project on their radar. 
  • Grow your community: one of the essential aspects of NFT marketing is building a solid community. Our community managers will be on your project 24/7, maximizing community growth and engaging with every member of your community with daily events.

Do you want to skyrocket your results and grow your audience fast? Then let Brenton Way take the reigns while you focus on the things that matter most to you.

Want to know more about what exactly we can do for you? Book a free consultation with one of our experts; no commitment is required.

Kryptonite NFT Marketing Agency

Kryptonite is bringing 20 years of marketing experience into the NFT space. They have a full range of services ranging from storytelling, social media advertising, motion content, website design, guerilla marketing, display advertising, social influencers, and crowd marketing.

Kryptonite’s most recent accomplishment is bringing the Goblintown derivative project “” to market successfully and selling it out in no time!

TokenMinds NFT Services

TokenMinds is an awarded marketing agency with a different approach than most agencies.

They have chosen to use different promotional packages priced from $14,900 for basic marketing services to $34,900 for the entire advanced package.

Their services range from NFT & Crypto community building, influencers & PR promotion to an NFT content plan & the creation of the content.

Moonlanding.Media – Launch Your NFT Project

What stood out to me with Moonlanding Media is that they are in tune with the language of NFT & Crypto marketing.

Their website states that they will “take you to the moon.” In their sales letter, directly targeted to project founders, they know what pain points they need to hit and what solutions to provide.

Crypto PR

Crypto PR hammers down on the fact they are one of the best Crypto PR agencies out there.

Press releases and exposure on the proper channels can make a huge difference when you’re marketing a project. So it’s crucial to get it right. Sometimes you don’t even need more than one excellent Press Release to get your project noticed.

According to their website, they have a team of 100+ staff members, which is quite impressive! They’ve also run their own successful ICO, which adds to their credibility.


As you can probably already tell from their name, they focus their marketing efforts on anything related to Crypto, whether it be ICOs or NFT projects.

They have an impressive track record. They claim to have worked with some of the biggest brands in Crypto, like MetaMask, OKCoin, and eToro.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is an all-around marketing agency that doesn’t just focus specifically on NFT project marketing but does it all. They specialize in influencer marketing, content creation, blockchain, and web3. 

Whether you are searching for a company to connect you to the right influencers or need to get in touch with the right media outlets for a press release, viral nation can help.

Viral Nation its focus is, as the name says, on getting your project viral! In the NFT space, this is a crucial element. If your project gets picked up quickly, it can start snowballing swiftly.

Turnkey Town

Turnkey Town products themselves on their smart-driven and innovative ideas, focusing on enhancing the founders of their web3 venture.

They have a full range of NFT marketing services, including social media marketing, 24/7 community management, video content marketing, influencer & PR strategies, email marketing, and even automated messaging funnels.

Turnkey Town takes pride in the fact they have been working as a blockchain development company for the last five years. So besides being able to provide NFT marketing services, they can also help develop your project.

Blockchain PR

These guys have a long track record! They have been providing marketing services for Crypto projects since 2010 and have now expanded into the NFT space.

Their premier NFT marketing agency provides all types of digital marketing solutions. In particular for NFTs, Crypto projects, and other companies that use blockchain technology as their primary driver.

Blockchain PR prides itself on its strategic messaging and innovative design.

X10 Agency

Ever since its launch, X10 Agency has been praised by numerous outlets for its excellent results in marketing NFT projects.

X10 Agency prides itself on its proven strategies, approach to market research, and how it can provide detailed breakdowns and analyze precisely where results are coming from.

You can view them as a launchpad for your projects, specifically for NFTs or Crypto in general. Find your target audience and create innovative ways to engage with them.

They also state that they can get your brand featured in renowned Crypto and technology magazines like Venture Beat and TechCrunch.

Lunar Strategy

As a leading agency in the Crypto & NFT space, they pride themselves on the advanced methods they use to promote their client’s NFT collections.

Their team has a specialized approach from start to finish and knows exactly how to determine what will work for your project and what won’t. 

They even coined their strategy, which they refer to as the “lunar strategy.” Helping you reach the moon, or maybe even the galaxy beyond.


According to their website, they are one of the first companies to work with blockchain technology. They do not just offer marketing services but can help you create an entire collection, including the development of whatever type of utility your project requires.

In their portfolio, they have different NFT projects that range from NFTs for music, arts, sports, online gaming, and real estate, and they have even helped promote some meme projects.

Chaincella will help you translate your vision into a concrete marketing strategy that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.


Their value proposition is simple but to the point: “Grow and promote your Crypto brand.” With their “ready to buy” NFT marketing services, they can easily remove any marketing obstacles that may be in your way.

According to their website, they can promote brands on premium media outlets, including Cointelegraph, one of the leading Crypto & NFT media outlets on the internet.

CryptoVirally focuses primarily on using modern marketing techniques, like influencer marketing and social media marketing. 


A top-rated NFT & Crypto Marketing agency that can help with NFT consulting, advisory for your ICO, or anything else related to Crypto and Web3 marketing.

One of their most impressive results is raising the astonishing amount of $30 million US dollars for a project called Cypherium. It’s also worth noting that they managed to raise this amount in under five months.

If you are looking for an NFT marketing agency that can connect you with key opinion leaders and well-known investors, then Crowdcreate is the way to go.


They have an extensive track record and have been in the Crypto & NFT marketing industry for over five years. They will help you reach your target audience, whether it’s through organic social strategies or good old-fashioned email marketing.

Most recently, they have helped a brand called BitForex to increase their number of followers and people who use their platform drastically. They partnered with media outlets and bloggers to create a viral influencer strategy to achieve maximum results.

Kevin Sozanski

Get 2 growth strategies in your inbox, weekly.
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