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Plastic Surgery Marketing: How To Get Started?

Plastic surgery marketing not only helps drive more patients but also helps you build a credible name in the medical industry. It also assists aesthetic clinics in getting an edge over their key competitors. Cosmetic surgery audiences need reassurance and social proof before zeroing in on a particular anti-aging clinic. As a plastic surgeon, you […]

Plastic surgery marketing


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Plastic surgery marketing not only helps drive more patients but also helps you build a credible name in the medical industry. It also assists aesthetic clinics in getting an edge over their key competitors.

Cosmetic surgery audiences need reassurance and social proof before zeroing in on a particular anti-aging clinic. As a plastic surgeon, you should not think twice about giving a digital approach to your healthcare marketing, as it will make your brand a trusted name in the cosmetic surgery niche. 

Let’s discuss the top 7 plastic surgery marketing ideas that will contribute largely to boosting your brand’s digital visibility, patient retention rate, online reputation, and patient trust.

Let’s begin!

What is Plastic Surgery Marketing?

Plastic surgery marketing comprises all the strategies and efforts to promote your aesthetic surgery clinic, products, and services digitally. The plastic surgery promotional practices involve website optimization, paid advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. These tactics are implemented to improve your plastic surgery clinic’s online visibility, build a credible brand, and drive more patients by understanding their needs and pain points.

Best Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas To Attract New Patients

Here are the top seven plastic surgery marketing strategies to drive more patients to your clinic:

1- Create a Strong Brand Identity For Your Plastic Surgery Clinic

Branding will keep your aesthetic surgery clinic in the minds of the audiences and make it stand out from the competitors. It also helps establish your clinic as credible in the medical niche. 

Before you create your brand identity, remember that it will stay with your brand forever. Hence, it should be well thought out. To create a memorable brand identity, craft a unique brand name, design a professional logo, and prepare catchy taglines that clearly define your clinic’s offerings. Keep the fonts and colors simple that depict trust and align well with your brand goals. 

Ensure you are consistent with your brand’s identity across all marketing channels, both online and offline. For this, you should set brand guidelines to use your clinic’s branding, including logos, taglines, fonts, colors, and visuals across various platforms and by various teams.

Also, remember that your brand identity is not restricted to your clinic’s logos and fonts but also the style of communication with your existing and prospective patients.

As a plastic surgeon, you offer sensitive services that need the audience’s trust to turn them into loyal patients. Hence, you should communicate with them professionally yet emphatically through social media posts, review responses, websites, and other educational content.

2- Design A User-Friendly Plastic Surgery Website

When you plan to market your products and services digitally, you should provide your patients with an appealing website that offers all the necessary information about your clinic. A smooth website also builds patients’ trust in your brand and keeps them engaged with your clinic for longer.

Make sure that your website looks professional and informative. For this, you should implement a clean and user-friendly website design. 

Highlight your key achievements on the top landing pages through customer testimonials, awards and accreditation, staff expertise, and clinic experience.

Dedicate sections and pages for specific actions like appointment bookings, educational content, key procedures, patient case studies, FAQs, and contact information so your patients get a seamless experience while browsing your website. 

Don’t forget to include your social handles on your website, as it can open opportunities to improve the scope to acquire more patients. Use a mobile-friendly website design, as many of your patients will browse your site through mobile devices. 

Here is an example of a London-based plastic surgery website with all the essential elements, including client testimonials, social proof, contact details, working hours, a clear menu, and prompting CTA, which are required to keep the audience engaged and turn them into patients.


Additionally, ensure that your website elements are timely audited and updated so visitors feel that your dermatological surgery clinic is trusted and relevant to them. 

3- Collaborate With Medical and Doctor Influencers

Reconstructive surgery clinics need to educate audiences to turn them into long-term patients. Leveraging influencers’ expertise and fan following to create a credible brand in the medical niche can help. It contributes largely to expanding your brand’s visibility and engagement rate.

Here are the best strategies you should adopt to increase your patient reach:

  • Find the relevant influencers and expert dermatologists who align with your target audience. They could have backgrounds in lifestyle, cosmetic, and health industries.
  • Research their engagement level and credibility among the audience. Look at their previous collaborations and the type of content they produce to ensure that they are a good fit for your surgical enhancement services.
  • Strengthen relationships with the selected influencers by appreciating their social media posts through DMs, comments, shares, and responses.
  • Craft collaborative campaigns highlighting your clinic’s key services. Also, ensure that your campaigns offer audiences extra benefits like unique experiences, discounts, early access, or a free visit to make the audience’s engagement more appealing.
  • Educate your audiences through educational content like the benefits of various cosmetic treatments, the latest plastic surgery-related news, and tips for self-care after treatment. Here is an example of Cadogan Clinic, which has specialized sections on its website where top dermatologists and surgeons comprehensively answer audiences’ questions and offer them the best tips and suggestions for skin care.
cadogan clinic
cadogan clinic

4- Attract Patients With Plastic Surgery PPC Marketing 

Pay-per-click advertising greatly increases your brand awareness and website traffic by helping your medical service appear in front of the right audience at the right time and place.

Medical PPC advertising can yield instant results for your ad campaigns if done right. Plus, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics, where you pay only for the clicks you receive on your laser and cosmetic surgery center’s website. 

Best Cosmetic Surgery PPC Advertising Tips

Here are the tips to master your PPC advertising strategy for cosmetic clinic and target the right audience:

  • Conduct thorough keyword research to find the terms your target patients use to avail of services related to your plastic surgery. For instance, use long-tail keywords like ‘facelift surgeon near me’ or ‘best liposuction clinics in NYC’ so your ad campaigns are displayed in front of the audience who perform intent-based searches.
  • Create compelling and attention-grabbing headlines for your ad copies. Use beauty and skin care-related adjectives effectively to create a vivid transformation picture. For example, use sentences like ‘Unlock your confidence with radiant and glowing skin: Experience world-class cosmetic services at XYZ plastic surgery center’.
  • Include ad extensions and CTAs with phrases like ‘learn more’ or ‘book your appointment now’ to help visitors perform the next action with your medical facility. Here is the Facebook ad of McCormack Plastic Surgery in which they have highlighted the USPs of their facelift treatment. The post also has a CTA, directing patients to learn more about the brand and surgery.
mcComack plastic surgery
  • Test your ad copies simultaneously in the public domain through A/B testing to check what works best to attract new patients. Collect data from both copies and optimize your ad copy according to which performs better.
  • Leverage the power of remarketing and create personalized ad copies to lure patients who have interacted with your clinic before or visited your website. Remind them about their missed appointments using catchy lines.
  • Use geo-targeting in your ad copies to target local patients. For instance, incorporate location-based phrases like ‘exclusive 20% offer for Texas people on a single laser and cosmetic surgery session’ in your ad copies.

5- Perform Local SEO for Your Plastic Surgery Clinic

Plastic reconstructive surgery is a location-based service requiring a solid local presence. Hence, optimizing your website to attract patients from all your clinic locations is essential. Performing local SEO for your plastic surgery website can help your clinic appear in the top local search results and enhance the brand’s awareness locally.

Best Cosmetic Clinic Local SEO Tips

Here are the top tips to optimize your cosmetic surgery website locally:

  • Create and claim your Google Business account mentioning your clinic’s name, contact details, photos, reviews, website, working hours, and key services.
  • Use geo-based keywords like ‘top 20 plastic surgeons in NYC’ in your website and social media content to ensure they resonate with the nearby audience.
  • Submit your clinic’s NAP on local directories like Healthgrades, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Ensure the information you submit to these directories is consistent and accurate across all platforms. It will improve your local link-building structure and boost your overall search rankings. Here is an example of a New York-based plastic surgery clinic, LaserAway, with a 4.5-star rating on Yelp. Their listing is claimed and has all the essential elements, including address, opening hours, contact number, and appointment scheduling, which are required to gain clients’ trust.
  • Encourage your existing patients to provide their genuine reviews on these local directories, your website, and your social media handles. Respond to all the positive and negative reviews emphatically to ensure your clients experience smooth after-service assistance. This will also contribute to enhancing your clinic’s online reputation.
  • Collaborate with the local medical community to promote your plastic surgery services. Participate in local medical camps, sponsored health initiatives, and online webinars. This will strengthen your aesthetic surgery facility’s links and relationships with industry leaders, cosmetic surgeons, medical brands, and digital influencers.

6- Make the Best Use of the Referral Program

Word-of-mouth or referral marketing is one of the most effective and cost-friendly marketing tactics, as it reduces your cost per acquisition and improves customer retention. 

Clients tend to trust the words of past clients who have taken your services, and it can work in your favor if you incentivize your loyal customers to promote your clinic to their friends and family. This tactic contributes hugely to the growth of your face and body sculpting clinic. Additionally, it increases the engagement of your clinic on different platforms.

Best Plastic Surgery Referral Marketing Tips

Here are the top tips on how you can leverage referral programs to drive more patients to your clinic:

  • Offer enticing rewards to existing patients for referring your clinic to their families and friends. The rewards can be in the form of gift cards, treatment discounts, or loyalty points. Make sure that both the referrer and the referred client benefit from your rewards. Here is an example of Body and Face Cosmetic Plastic Specialists NJ, which offers its existing patients a credit of $500 which can be used for a surgical procedure with the clinic. 
body face cosmetic and plastic specialist nj
  • Communicate the guidelines and rules of the referral program to your patients, as shown in the below example of Body and Face Cosmetic Plastic Specialists NJ’s referral program.
body face cosmetic and plastic specialist nj
  • Promote the program on all your patient communication channels, including emails, social media, and websites, so more people know about it.
  • Personalize the referral messages for your loyal customers to make them feel valued by your organization.
  • Make the whole referral process seamless for both parties involved.
  • Provide seamless after-sign-up assistance to referred patients and ask for feedback at different intervals.
  • Keep track of your referrals; it will help identify your referral marketing program’s weak and strong areas. You can optimize your referral campaigns based on client feedback and performance metrics.

7- Be Present on Social Media

It is essential to mark your cosmetic surgery clinic’s presence on all social media platforms to maximize your patient reach. You should establish your clinic’s authority through educational social media posts, engaging medicinal tutorials, live patient sessions, and interactive Q&A discussions on social media channels.

To get a stronghold of patients’ attention on social media, you should perform in-depth competitor analysis, pay attention to social listening, and leverage your customer data to identify where your target customers could be found.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Cosmetic Clinic

On the evaluation of your audience’s needs and presence, you should begin creating various formats of content for different platforms. Further, plan a social media strategy that contains your posting frequency, content matter, target patients, and business goals. 

Ensure you add relevant and high-quality visuals and videos, along with plastic surgery tips, industry news, patient testimonials, recovery hacks, and self-care procedures you share on social media platforms. 

Here is an example video of London Premier Laser & Skin Clinic where one of the surgeons shows the Spectra Laser Treatment process to one of her patients. 

london premier lase and skin clinic

It is essential that you stay updated with the ongoing social media trends so you can implement them in your social media content to offer more relevance to the patients.

Remember to integrate your social media handles with other patient communication channels so your clients can access an omnichannel grievance redressal and query-solving platform. 

Here is an example of an educational and compelling Facebook post of a leading NYC plastic surgeon, New York Group for Plastic Surgery, that makes you aware of the benefits of eyelid lift and has a clear CTA that directs you to their website appointment booking page.

new york plastic surgery
Looking for marketing ideas to promote your plastic surgery clinic?
At Brenton Way, we have a team of health marketing specialists who can help elevate your plastic surgery clinic’s digital presence by crafting a brand-aligned strategy that includes all the essential elements, including SEO, influencer marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, and digital PR. Partner with Brenton Way plastic surgery marketing experts to enhance your practice’s visibility, attract more qualified leads, and grow your patient base. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your unique marketing needs.
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Related FAQs

1- What is the importance of marketing in the plastic surgery niche?

Here are the top advantages of digital marketing in the plastic surgery industry:

  • Helps in increasing your clinic’s online visibility and ensures potential prospects know about your products, services, and expertise.
  • Helps your clinic establish a brand name and identity in the medical niche.
  • Differentiates your services and expertise from competitors.
  • Helps your plastic surgery brand attract new patients while retaining the existing ones.
  • Educates your potential audience on various plastic surgery-related topics through different formats.
  • Develops target audiences’ trust and credibility in your brand. 
  • Keep your patients engaged with your clinic and enhance its customer loyalty rate.

2- Do you need to know any specific legal considerations when marketing plastic surgery services?

Yes, there are legal considerations you need to take care of while promoting your plastic surgery clinic, which may vary depending on the location and nature of the clinic. However, you should follow the marketing regulations applicable in your area regarding the medical industry. 

Also, ensure that you promote your services and products by disseminating accurate, authentic, and reliable information. Avoid exaggerating to lure patients, and make sure you don’t make unrealistic promises while marketing your clinic, as it can land your business in serious legal trouble.

3- What metrics should I track to measure the success of my plastic surgery marketing campaigns?

Here are the top metrics to measure when measuring your clinic’s marketing progress:

  • Website traffic: The number of users that visit your website through different channels.
  • Cost per acquisition: The cost you bear to acquire one patient through marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion rates: The percentage of patients who performed a specific action on your website, like booking a consultation, reading a blog post, or filling out an admission form.
  • Return on investment: The revenues your clinic generates through various marketing campaigns. 
  • Social media engagement: The average number of shares, likes, and comments you receive on your clinic’s social media posts.
  • Call and email tracking: The number of patient queries you receive through various marketing campaigns.


Digital marketing is essential in every industry, including plastic surgery. However, before executing various advertising strategies, you should have set plans and ideas that make the whole marketing process seamless and easy.

Take the help of a plastic surgery digital marketing company like Brenton Way to improve your branding and acquire new patients. 


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