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Next-Gen Marketing Meets The Human Touch

Jonathan Saeidian
Jonathan Saeidian

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As more and more businesses are conducted online, and more potential customers search for products on the web, you need to have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. The internet has become a crowded space, so to stand out above your competitors, you’re going to need a savvy marketing team behind you. According to Neil Patel, “marketing on the web is said to change in 2019…what was working is not working as well anymore.”

Digital marketing is going to “transform into an Omnichannel approach”.

Which is to say, you’ll have to rely more on search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, PPC, etc. For online businesses that are not using this approach will get lost in the shuffle. , marketing expert

team working together to improve their digital marketing campaigns

The Benefits of Working with Brenton Way The digital landscape is ever changing. In order to thrive and succeed online in the 21st century, you will need to align yourself with the best marketing strategy consulting firm, with a first-class experience, new ideas with efficient and impressive outcomes. While other firms tend to practice a one-size-fits-all approach, Brenton Way’s aim is to challenge the status quo of digital marketing by bringing something uniquely different to the table. They are focused on companies & brands looking to scale, mature, or optimize their digital marketing efforts. Here’s how they meet challenge:

  • Scaling: The most obvious benefit is the ability to handle sales growth online. There are many factors to consider when scaling a business, which can be overwhelming. To successfully achieve this transition, you need a knowledgeable team to design the best marketing strategies in order to help you evaluate, plan, track and manage sales systems. Brenton Way can help to combine marketing assets to effectively scale your returns on each channel.
  • Monetizing: To rank number one on Google is a coveted spot among brands. Everyone wants to get eyeballs on their sites, however, most companies struggle to understand why they are not getting enough traffic despite how amazing their website looks. One of the smart thing to do is Investing in a team of experts to design a specialized marketing plan to uncover hidden revenues, boost your leads, grow your revenue and help your business get traffic is a must for immediate online success.
  • Optimizing: As the algorithms become more complex in the online environment, companies are realizing that not having the SEO tactics and proven methods in place can hurt their bottom line. an Utilize our add-on modules to A/B test creatives, landing pages and product discounts
  • Influencing: Implementing a marketing strategy that concentrates on attaining customer loyalty through transparency and quality customer care is far better than just focusing on a one-time sales pitch. Brenton Way has tailored their marketing strategies to help their clients build new relationships with other brands & individuals to promote their story & brand awareness.

Brenton Way is “changing the standard, it’s not just hiring a service, it’s hiring a team”. Hiring a digital marketing professional can make the task of running an online business easier and provide a rewarding return on investment (ROI). It is imperative to have the right consulting agency behind you as it will determine your success or failure. Brenton Way is dedicated to helping their clients successfully grow their business online because the customer’s success is their top priority. With a balanced and unique approach in measuring success gives their satisfied customers a relaxed peace of mind. Here you will experience the best marketing strategy for a consulting firm. It’s about building a relationship and great communication which enables them to know what their client’s needs, and what is sensible for their business.

team looking at their digital marketing reports

Imagine a campaign that is able to intuitively combine all areas of your digital marketing into a cohesive growth model. Brenton Way solutions work seamlessly together to re-purpose created digital assets & deliver effective results to help you grow your traffic exponentially. Brenton Way as a professional group of people who can design a digital marketing plan suited to your business:

  • Full access
  • Dedicated team
  • Visual campaign reports
  • Status meetings
  • AI Technology
  • Data Focused

Many small and medium-size businesses are struggling to stay relevant and noticed online. Business owners are realizing that paid promotions alone, are not the best marketing strategy for growth. They need to test out other proven methods for long-term value. Brenton Way has succeeded in delivering positive results to their clients, as seen in the following case studies:

learning more about new marketing solutions with laptop

Some of our Case Studies in Numbers

Alternative & agile growth in the Wild West of Cannabis

  • Website Traffic – Increased website traffic by 4200% in 3 months.
  • Social Media Engagement – Gained over 640k impressions across all social media channels in 3 months.
  • Conversions – Increased website conversion rate by 9% & overall conversions by 35%.

Rooted new key relationships with high-level decision makers

  • Response Rate – Increased bottom of the funnel warm replies by 10%
  • Social Media Engagement – Garnered over $1 Million in client lead value in 5 months.
  • Conversions – Increased targeted video ad play to key decision makers with 40,000 100% views

Turned a trendy business into a culinary Melrose mainstay

  • Online to Instore Traffic – Increased foot traffic by 25% compared to previous year performance.
  • Lookalike Ad Impressions – Created strategic ad campaigns to deliver over 300k impressions in 3 months.
  • Set Brand Positioning Consulted & produced compelling digital creatives to set company brand, position plus 500 brand creatives.

The 4 Core Solutions

Social media is always changing so to keep engagement up it is wise to push more quality content. According to Patel, “advertising is only going to get tougher because big brand are coming on”. If you want traffic to your site then you have to pay. Brent Way is a valued partner of your marketing team – embracing technology and harmonizing it around marketing, digital strategy, AI, branding, UX, Content and PR.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)

Reach intent-buyers by building high-level organic relevancy through your business. Optimize your onsite & technical for user experience. Create a cohesive organic presence. Every day Brenton Way deliver new customers to businesses through their proven search engine optimization strategies. Their strategies have helped businesses, large and small, reach in-market consumers, making a true impact on the bottom line.

Paid Advertisement

Drive traffic at-scale or target unique visitors across their ad space. They have invested countless hours building their ads channels so you have access to effective media publishing sites on top of Google Ads & Facebook Ads management.

Brenton Way has access to the largest network of ad real estate. Imagine running native, display, search & influencer ads across one agency. Build your brand & scale your sales effortlessly through their fully-managed ads solutions from the strategy, creative, planning, & execution process.

Digital PR

Build new relationships with people that can create presence around your product/service. Get new mentions about your business through their unique outreach. At Brenton Way, PR with driven with a purpose. This means connecting you with influencers & companies that drive actionable results for your business. Build new relationships and get new mentions through their unique outreach.

Lead Outreach

How do you find new people looking for your product/service? How do you get in front of decision-makers with your value proposition? Most importantly, how do you know if your pitch is resonating? Lead Outreach is the answer to these questions. Brenton Way’s is highly skilled at creating new relationships with decision-makers looking for their exact product/service through targeted outbound campaigns. As well as to, penetrate the bottom-of-the-funnel effectively through a combination of Email & LinkedIn.

is the answer to these questions. Brenton Way’s is highly skilled at creating new relationships with decision-makers looking for their exact product/service through targeted outbound campaigns. As well as to, penetrate the bottom-of-the-funnel effectively through a combination of Email & LinkedIn.

laptop for digital marketing


With advanced technology and eager buyers having apps at their fingertips, online business is firmly fixed in the marketplace. It is the way of the future and online retailers have no choice but to position themselves to keep up with the times; by meeting growing consumer demands. The solution is to hire a marketing strategist to do the work for you. Having said that, your marketing expert should understand your consumer’s needs and desires and most importantly, what sells best!

Thinking about hiring the best marketing strategy consulting firm?

Brenton Way focuses on bringing the best of technology & the human touch together to empower marketing teams to reach growth objectives.

Jonathan Saeidian
Jonathan Saeidian

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