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ZVYK Case Study

How we helped ZVYK jump & scale into a competitive Skincare Ecomm DTC market


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Influencer Marketing, Paid Media, CRO

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Skincare & Cosmetics

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See how we helped this Skincare brand expand its digital presence with Paid, Creative, & CRO optimization.
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Who is ZVYK?

ZVYK is a skincare brand that emphasizes celebrating individual uniqueness through beauty habits that promise significant, transformative results over time.
Their philosophy centers on building good habits to foster both health and happiness, offering a range of skincare products designed to enhance confidence and well-being.

Their website promotes a selection of skin-enhancing serums and patches, all styled to be both effective and mood-boosting.

Hitting a 5X ROAS, consistently


Strategic UGC Creative Elevates Brand Interaction

Leveraging unique storytelling with creators and targeted content, ZVYK effectively increased user engagement and conversions, highlighting the power of personalized marketing strategies in today’s digital age .

Enhanced User Educational Content Drives Conversions through Meta Advantage

Through meticulous analysis of user behavior and creative optimization, ZVYK significantly improved their site's user experience by creating educational content on the funnel and improving the shopping experiences on the PDP pages.
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