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How we helped Few Moda scale their Paid Media through rapid A/B test experimentation

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Check out how we helped expand the digital presence of this beauty lash brand through Paid Social, UGC, & Influencer Marketing campaigns.
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Who is OpulenceMD?

OpulenceMD beauty provides products that combine luxury and glamour with safety and quality.
OpulenceMD Beauty, a full range of glue-free, magnetic lashes, eye makeup, skincare and tools made to keep your eyes safe, simplify your beauty routine and keep your self-confidence limitless.

Marketing Strategies


Capitalizing on the Shark Tank Feature with over 80K+ Monthly Brand Searches

We prepared 2 months worth of content focused on the Shark Tank event, and retargeting all consumers that were interested or curious around the magnetic lashes.

We helped capture over 31% of these searches into retargeting ad campaigns to work them down the funnel through Paid Social, Google Shopping, and Display advertising.

Over 10,000+ of these visitors have been built into the middle of the funnel successfully.

8+ Automated & Iterative Creatives Focused on BOFU & MOFU Conversions

Our focus was primarily on strengthening performance at the mid and lower sections of the marketing funnel. In essence, we made substantial efforts to nurture potential customers who had already shown some level of interest in the brand and were in the consideration and decision stages of their buyer's journey.

We developed captivating and engaging creatives that highlighted the unique features of OpulenceMD's products, aiming to transition potential customers into loyal ones.
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