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LA Reproductive Case Study

How we helped LA Reproductive become the primary destination for IVF treatments in Los Angeles

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Check out how we expanded the digital presence of this IVF center through SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO.
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Who is Los Angeles Reproductive Center?

The Los Angeles Reproductive Center offers advanced fertility services under the guidance of double board-certified doctors located in Los Angeles, California.
The center emphasizes a patient-centric approach, providing a comfortable and supportive environment for family planning. Services include in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, and fertility preservation, with a focus on using the latest reproductive technologies. They also offer financing options to make treatments more accessible.

Marketing Strategies


Developing Case Studies from real client experiences

The IVF process can be a very sensitive and emotional moment for potential clients. It can also be very long and have many unknowns around the treatment.

That's why it was important to help guide these potential audiences into better understanding past client testimonials and their experiences, which uplifted conversions by 35%.

Articles written for user intent, not search engines

By speaking to previous clients and understanding the User Buying Journey in IVF, we created cluster topics of national, regional, and local articles at each level.

Each article was created to either build brand awareness for Ads retargeting, capture initial consideration for a consultation, or primarily drive conversions for an in-person consultation meeting.

This ultimately tripled our website traffic and allowed us to reduce patient acquisition costs by 8%.
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