Best Beauty Salon Marketing Ideas To Attract More Customers

Effective salon marketing increases beauty parlor visibility, attracting new customers and expanding the user base. World-class salon advertising strategies ensure that your salon remains top-of-mind when potential customers seek beauty and grooming services. Nowadays, the beauty industry is increasingly influenced by digital trends. People turn to online platforms and social media for inspiration, reviews, and […]

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Effective salon marketing increases beauty parlor visibility, attracting new customers and expanding the user base. World-class salon advertising strategies ensure that your salon remains top-of-mind when potential customers seek beauty and grooming services.

Nowadays, the beauty industry is increasingly influenced by digital trends. People turn to online platforms and social media for inspiration, reviews, and appointment bookings.

In 2023, the global market for spas and beauty salons reached a valuation of $153.1 billion. It is forecasted to grow to $211.24 billion by 2030.

Moreover, the cosmetics industry market size is expected to reach $661 billion by 2032.


Partnering with a salon digital marketing agency brings expertise, strategic planning, and a tailored approach to ensure effective and successful beauty parlor promotional campaigns.

If you develop a strong beauty salon marketing strategy, your salon gets more audience coverage allowing you to display the best of your hair care and beauty expertise and skills. Furthermore, you can win over your competitors by increasing your loyal customer base and getting discovered by the local audience.

This article discusses the top salon and spa marketing tactics to elevate your beauty branding and customer reach.

What is Salon Marketing?

Salon marketing refers to the collection of beauty marketing strategies undertaken by a salon or beauty parlor to promote its services, attract new clients, and retain existing ones. 

For example, Los Angeles saloons can run microblading advertising campaign emphasizing the benefits of eyebrow tattooing or micropigmentation. They can leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to offering discounts to attract new clients.

Effective salon marketing aims to create awareness, build a strong brand image, and encourage customer loyalty. This involves combining traditional and digital marketing techniques tailored to the beauty and grooming industry. 

Common salon marketing strategies include:

  • Social media promotion.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Collaborations with local businesses.
  • Offering special promotions.
  • Maintaining an appealing online presence.
  • Providing excellent customer service to encourage positive word-of-mouth. 

The goal is to differentiate the salon from competitors, engage with the target audience, and drive business growth.

What Are The Advantages of Salon Marketing?

Here are the top benefits of salon advertising:

  • Increased Visibility: Salon marketing enhances your visibility in the market, making your salon more recognizable to potential clients. For instance, you can use beauty influencers for hair extensions promotions and acquire new audience base effectively.
  • Customer Acquisition: On average, beauty consumers spend approximately $67.2 billion annually on personal grooming and skincare services. Salon promotion on digital channels ensures that your salon stays relevant in the age of technology. Effective beauty parlor marketing strategies help attract new customers, expanding your client base and increasing overall revenue. 
  • Client Retention: Loyalty programs and targeted promotions foster customer retention, encouraging clients to return for future services. 
  • Competitive Edge: Strategic salon studio marketing sets your salon apart from competitors, emphasizing your unique services, expertise, and style. 
  • Increased Revenue Streams: As Groupon reveals, American women, on average, spend $3,750+ per year on beauty products and services. By leevraging full-scale beauty marketing camapigns by introducing new services or retail products, you can create additional revenue streams for your salon. 
  • Community Engagement: Marketing initiatives, especially local collaborations and events, foster community engagement and build a positive salon reputation. 
  • Customer Loyalty: Loyalty programs and personalized marketing efforts contribute to increased customer loyalty, fostering long-term relationships with clients. 
  • Optimized Operations: Marketing analytics and feedback can inform strategic decisions, optimizing beauty salon operations based on customer preferences and market demands. 
  • Digital Presence: Online marketing efforts, including social media and a well-optimized website, enhance your digital presence, reaching a broader audience and attracting tech-savvy clients. 

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Best Salon & Spa Marketing Ideas For 2024

Here are some of the trendy beauty salon and spa marketing ideas and strategies for 2024 and ahead: 

1- Get Your Beauty Boutique On Local Directories 

For improved local visibility of your salon, you should focus on strengthening your local SEO. It promises to reach the target audience who are present in the nearby location of your beauty boutique. Plus, it offers a competitive advantage where your customers tend to choose your salon for various beauty and hair services over your competitors.

You should begin by creating your Google My Business account with accurate and authentic information. Optimize it to the fullest by mentioning all the key elements related to your salon, including the address, phone number, photos, customer reviews, opening hours, appointment helpline, promotions, and top services.

Further, you should also get your makeup spa listed on other local directories like Yelp, Yellow Page, and Bing Places.

To keep a constant check on your online reputation, consistently monitor and respond to customer reviews to create a positive perception of your cosmetic business.

Here is an example of an optimized salon page on GMB. The Besu Salon and Day Spa have all the elements, including a complete address, service menu, opening hours, and a 4.6-star rating with 73 reviews.

2- Create a Compelling Instagram Profile For Your Salon

Establish a vibrant Instagram presence by consistently sharing high-quality images showcasing your salon’s latest hairstyles and services. 

Your profile picture should be your salon’s logo or a recognizable image associated with your brand. Write a clear and engaging bio with relevant keywords, a brief description of your salon’s unique selling points, and a call to action encouraging users to book appointments or visit your website. 

Regularly update your Instagram feed with fresh content. Think of your target audience before designing campaign creatives.

Approximately half of the followers of Instagram beauty influencers are between the ages of 25 and 34. Hence, you should prepare content to reach and attract more audiences in your target group.

Post a mix of before-and-after transformations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and shots highlighting your salon’s personality.

Use Instagram Stories and Highlights to feature promotions, client testimonials, and day-in-the-life snippets.

To enhance visibility, use popular and relevant hashtags such as #HairGoals or #SalonStyle to attract a broader audience. 

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3- Launch a Specialized Salon Service

Launching a specialized service is a fantastic way to set your salon apart and attract a niche clientele. Start by identifying a unique and in-demand service that aligns with your salon’s expertise and the preferences of your target audience. This could be something like “Vibrant Vivid Colors,” “Texture and Waves,” or “Express Makeover Packages.” 

Once you’ve chosen your specialized service, create a dedicated marketing campaign around it. Develop visually striking promotional materials, including posters, social media graphics, and website banners, to generate excitement. 

Train your staff to excel in delivering this specialized service. Ensure your salon professionals are knowledgeable, skilled, and enthusiastic about the new offering. Consider organizing internal workshops or bringing in external experts to enhance their expertise further. 

Implement an introductory promotion to encourage clients to try out the new service. This could include a discounted rate for the first few clients, a bundled package deal, or complimentary add-ons. 

Promote the launch on your social media channels, website, and in-salon with eye-catching visuals and engaging captions. Consider reaching out to local beauty bloggers or influencers to review and share their experiences with the new service, amplifying your reach.

4- Use An Online Booking System For Your Salon

Simplify the appointment process by implementing a user-friendly online booking system. Ensure that your website prominently features this functionality, allowing clients to schedule appointments at their convenience easily. Actively promote the online booking option through social media, emphasizing the time-saving benefits for clients. 

5- Run Salon-Specific PPC Ads 

Utilize PPC Ads to target customers actively searching for salon services. 52% of marketers prefer Google Ads, while 40% go for Bing Ads. Moreover, 34% of advertisers run Display ad campaigns, while 31% go for programmatic advertisements. Also, a stunning 53% of brands invest in paid social media promotion.


Set up location-based campaigns with keywords related to your salon and use ad extensions to provide additional information such as services offered promotions, and contact details. 

6- Launch Beauty and Salon Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads

Create engaging carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram to showcase a variety of your salon’s work in a single ad. Feature different hairstyles, colors, or services with compelling visuals, encouraging users to swipe through and discover the diversity of your offerings. 

7- Showcase Reviews of Your Salon Customers

Build trust and credibility by showcasing positive salon customer reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients on your website and social media platforms. Encourage clients to share their experiences and express their satisfaction, creating a virtual word-of-mouth effect that resonates with potential customers. 

8- Collaborate with Beauty & Salon Influencers

Harness the power of local influencers by identifying individuals whose values align with your salon. On average, beauty influencers garner the highest number of followers on TikTok, followed by Instagram and then YouTube.


Collaborate with them to promote your services, whether through sponsored posts, reviews, or joint events. This can significantly broaden your reach and introduce your salon to new and engaged audiences. 

9- Offer Salon Referral And Loyalty Programs

By offering your existing and prospective customers appealing and engaging loyalty and referral programs, you are encouraging your clients to visit your salon again and again for all the beauty, hair, and nail services.

Not only do these loyalty programs lead to a high customer retention rate and engagement, but they also save you time and effort, and they act as one of the strongest word-of-mouth marketing methods as customers tend to choose salon services based on the recommendations of their family and friends. 

In addition to this, it allows the collection of essential customer data for future improvements and business analysis.

For effective execution of the salon’s referral and loyalty programs, you should ensure that they are aligned with your company’s goals and customers’ desires. By curating engaging referral content, you should promote it on various channels, including social media, so more and more customers can join in.

Additionally, make sure that the terms and conditions related to the salon’s referral and loyalty programs are clear and easy to understand. The prices and points you offer for participating should be beneficial enough for the customers to improve your salon’s customer lifetime value.

Here is an example of Le Collage hair salon that leveraged referral marketing to improve customer retention rate as well as increase the client acquisition rate by offering 20% off on haircuts and hair color. 

10- Run PPC Retargeting Campaigns

Implement retargeting campaigns through PPC advertising to reach users who have visited your website but have yet to book an appointment.

A survey by 99Firms reveals that 42% of marketers use Facebook custom audiences to reach new customers, while 29% use Google remarketing. Moreover, 9% use Bing universal event tracking, while 8% rely on Criteo.


Display remarketing ads on other websites or social media platforms to remind them of your salon’s services and encourage them to return. 

11- Use Seasonal Promotions

Boost salon traffic during specific seasons or holidays by creating enticing seasonal promotions. Whether it’s a summer makeover package or a holiday discount, tailor your promotions to align with the season’s spirit. Market these offers through social media, email campaigns, and in-salon displays. 

12- Leverage Beauty Content Marketing

90% of digital marketers use content in their marketing plan. You should position your salon as an authority in hair care by creating and sharing educational content. Develop tutorials, blog posts, or video content that provides valuable tips and insights into hair care and styling. This not only showcases your expertise but also engages and educates your audience. 

13- Launch A YouTube Hair Tutorial Series

Capitalize on the popularity of video by creating a series of hair tutorial videos on YouTube. Optimize these videos for relevant keywords, and include links to your salon’s website and social media in the video descriptions to drive traffic. 

14- Focus On Salon Community Engagement

Increase your salon’s visibility by participating in local events and sponsoring community activities. Set up a booth at local fairs, sponsor a charity run, or participate in school events. This not only supports the community but also creates opportunities for face-to-face interactions and brand exposure. 

15- Host Flash Sales

Generate excitement and a sense of urgency by periodically hosting flash sales. Whether it’s a one-day discount on select services or products, these limited-time offers can create buzz on social media and motivate clients to book appointments promptly. 

16- Keep a Mobile-Friendly Salon Website

With an increasing number of people browsing and booking appointments on mobile devices, a responsive website is crucial for retaining and attracting clients. 

79% of people are more inclined to revisit and/or share a mobile site if it is easy to use. Optimizing your salon’s website for mobile users ensures an engaging and user-friendly experience.

17- Focus on Local SEO

People visit a business within a day of searching 76% of the time. Hence, you should improve your salon’s local search visibility by optimizing your Google Business profile.

Ensure your business information, including address, phone number, and hours, is accurate. Encourage satisfied salon clients to leave positive reviews on your Google listing, enhancing your online reputation. 

18- Leverage Cross Promotions for Your Beauty Shop

Cross promotions include reaching out to the target audience by collaborating with different brands and aligning local businesses.

It improves your customer experience, offers creative opportunities, provides access to new customers, widens your salon exposure, and strengthens your niche relations.

Follow an omnichannel approach to marketing to reach consumers wherever they are present.

For instance, as a salon owner, you provide a service of getting your customers ready for a party from head to toe. This will include offering outfits and jewelry as well. In this case, you should focus on promoting both brands in a way that both are highlighted in their genres while reaching each other’s target audience. 

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19- Collaborate with Wedding Planners

Tap into the wedding market by collaborating with local wedding planners. Offer specialized bridal hair and makeup packages and establish partnerships with wedding-related businesses. This positions your salon as a go-to destination for bridal beauty services, attracting engaged couples planning their special day. 

20- Offer Student Discounts

Attract the younger demographic by offering student discounts. Advertise these discounts in local student hubs, such as colleges and universities, and verify student IDs to ensure eligibility. This not only builds loyalty among students but also introduces your salon to a potentially long-term customer base. 

21- Host Themed Events

Create a buzz around your salon by hosting themed events. Whether it’s a “Pamper and Prosecco” night or a “Glamourous Gatsby” party, themed events can attract attention on social media, encouraging clients to attend and share their experiences online. 

22- Offer Virtual Consultations

Adapt to changing consumer preferences by offering virtual consultations. This allows clients to discuss their desired styles, ask questions, and receive personalized recommendations from the comfort of their homes. Promote this service on your website and social media to attract clients who value virtual interactions. 

23- Create Video Content

91% of brands rely on videos as a marketing and advertising tool to reach new customers.


Create behind-the-scenes footage, styling tutorials, or client testimonials videos for your salon. Share these videos on platforms like YouTube and social media to increase your online presence and connect with a broader audience. 

24- Show Off Your Salon’s Skilled Staff

Educating your customers about your offerings and expertise is one of the strongest methods to build trust and credibility in your styling boutique. Recruiting and showcasing your experienced and trained staff not only attracts customers but also imbibes a feeling of motivation in your staff, boosting the overall productivity of your business.

Here is how you can celebrate and promote the accomplishments, recognition, and expertise of your salon’s beauty, hair, and nail staff:

  • On your website, create profiles of each of your staff members showing their area of specialization, pictures, and a brief description of their journey.
  • You can also display their successful work, skills, and creativity with your salon, along with pictures and videos of the client transformation on your website and social handles.
  • In the client testimonials, you add on your website and social handles, you can include the name or profile of your trained staff who helped in the grooming transformation journey.
  • To boost employee motivation and display your salon’s skills, highlight a salon expert’s profile on the website and social handles each month or week as the star employee.
  • Conduct your employees’ interviews on special events asking for advice and tips on skincare, hair care, and nails. Share it on your website and social media handles.
  • Display the awards and recognition received by your salon staff for their talent and skills in the beauty arena.

Here is an example of a hair salon, Salon Ziba New York that showcases its team profile, customer ratings, and specialty on its website:

beauty salon advertising

25- Provide Haircare Product Bundles

Boost product sales by creating bundles that offer value to clients. For example, pair a popular shampoo with a matching conditioner and styling product at a discounted rate. Promote these bundles in-salon and online to encourage clients to purchase complementary products. 

26- Feature Stylist Spotlights

Showcase the talent within your salon by regularly featuring stylist spotlights. Share the stories, expertise, and signature styles of your stylists on social media and your website. This personal touch humanizes your brand and fosters a connection between clients and your team. 

27- Run Interactive Social Media Campaigns 

Engage your audience with interactive social media campaigns. For example, run contests where clients can submit photos of their favorite hairstyles to win a free service. This not only encourages participation but also generates user-generated content that promotes your salon. 

28- Offer Mystery Discounts

Add an element of surprise to your promotions by offering mystery discounts. Clients can choose sealed envelopes or digital scratch-off cards at checkout to reveal their discount, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. 

29- Highlight Salon Culture

Showcase the unique culture and atmosphere of your salon through social media. Share candid moments, team activities, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to give clients a sense of the welcoming environment they can expect when visiting your salon. 

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30- Create a Salon VIP Program

Establish a VIP program for loyal clients who frequent your salon. Provide exclusive benefits such as early access to promotions, personalized services, or members-only events. This encourages business and enhances the sense of belonging among your most dedicated clients. 

31- Offer Local Sponsorships

Increase brand visibility by sponsoring local events or sports teams. This not only supports the community but also ensures your salon’s name is associated with positive and community-oriented activities. 

32- Use Relevant Beauty and Hair Care Hashtags

Using relevant niche-related hashtags in your social media posts and reels can provide a significant boost to your salon business’ engagement and reach. It is essential to keep an eye on trending beauty-related hashtags to use in your posts.

It can also help in strengthening relationships with industry experts and building beauty communities. To improve the local reach of your salon, you should add relevant location-specific hashtags.

Here are some of the best examples of potential hashtags that can attract customers for your salon:

  • #beautytips
  • #hairgrowth
  • #hairsalon
  • #hairsaloninnyc
  • #makeuptutorials
  • #beautyinspiration
  • #nailart
  • #nailsalon
  • #glamour
  • #skincareroutine
  • #manicure
  • #pedicure
  • #shorthaircut
  • #wavyhairstyle
  • #bestsalonexperience
  • #nailarttips
  • #skincaretips
  • #hairspa
  • #topbeautyexperts

33- Conduct Haircare Workshops

Position your salon as an educational hub by hosting haircare workshops. These can cover at-home styling tips, product usage, or simple haircare routines. Offer these workshops both in-salon and virtually to cater to different audiences. 

34- Incorporate Sustainable Practices

Appeal to eco-conscious clients by incorporating sustainable practices in your salon. This could include using eco-friendly products, reducing water consumption, or implementing recycling initiatives. 

35- Add A Chatbot On Your Salon Website

Improve customer service and engagement by integrating a chatbot on your salon’s website. This AI-powered tool can answer frequently asked questions, assist with appointment bookings, and provide information about your services in real time.

36- Offer Virtual Reality (VR) Salon Tours

Embrace cutting-edge technology by offering virtual reality tours of your salon. This immersive experience allows potential clients to explore your salon, check out styling stations, and get a feel for the ambiance, making them more comfortable booking an appointment. 

37- Provide AR Hair Color Try-On

Integrate augmented reality (AR) into your salon’s website or app, allowing users to virtually try on different hair colors before committing to a change. This interactive feature not only engages spa users but also helps them visualize potential transformations. 

38- Offer Subscription Box for Salon Services

Create a subscription box service featuring curated haircare products, styling tools, and exclusive salon promotions. Subscribers receive a monthly box, enhancing their at-home haircare routine and keeping your salon top-of-mind. 

39- Organize Collaborative Pop-Up Events

Elevate your salon’s visibility and engage with the local community by organizing collaborative pop-up events. 

Choose a theme or concept that aligns with both your salon and your collaborators, creating a cohesive and appealing event. This could be a “Style and Shop” pop-up featuring fashion items and accessories that pair well with your salon’s services. 

Secure a suitable venue for the pop-up event, ensuring it provides enough space for both your salon and your collaborators’ offerings. 

Consider hosting the event within your salon or partnering with a local venue to maximize foot traffic. Promote the pop-up through social media, local event listings, and collaborative marketing materials. 

Emphasize the unique products and services attendees can experience, and highlight any special promotions or discounts offered exclusively during the event.

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40- Collaborate With Top Hair and Beauty Experts

Adding a face and Including a notable personality to market your makeup treatment services helps in creating a strong online reputation, attracting new clients, and offering unique and engaging content to the target audiences.

It also helps in building and strengthening relationships with media, fashion bloggers, beauty experts, and hairstylists.

Here is how you can collaborate with top beauty industry experts to create a strong brand image for your salon among the target audience:

  • Research the internet to find the best beauty and hair influencer that fits your brand goals and budget. It can include hairstylists, beauticians, makeup artists, skincare experts, and beauty bloggers.
  • Once you have a list of notable beauty experts, reach out to them via DMs, emails, and other contact sources, complimenting their work and skills and explaining to them how their expertise can elevate your salon’s public image
  • Provide customers with diversified experiences of content. You can collaborate with leading beauty experts for masterclasses, tutorials, events, social posts, Q&A sessions, live streaming, and product launches.
  • The expertise of beauty influencers can also be leveraged to create paid and sponsored posts for improved audience reach.
  • Consistently communicate with beauty experts to strengthen relationships with them for the long term. Bring engagement to their posts by commenting, congratulating, and appreciating them on their good work. 

41- Offer Customized Client Spotify Playlists

Enhance the salon experience for your clients by offering customized Spotify playlists during their visits. Begin by creating a diverse selection of playlists that cater to various moods, styles, or services provided in your salon. Consider playlists like “Relax and Unwind,” “Energizing Vibes,” or “Trendy Tunes for Trendy Styles.” 

Encourage clients to share their music preferences during their appointments, allowing your stylists to curate personalized playlists tailored to each client’s taste. This adds a thoughtful and personalized touch to the salon visit, making it a more enjoyable and memorable experience. 

Promote this unique service through your salon’s social media channels, website, and in-salon displays. Highlight the personalized playlist offering as a distinctive feature that sets your salon apart. Consider collaborating with local musicians or featuring playlists curated by notable influencers to add an extra layer of creativity and engagement.

42- Launch A Salon Podcast 

Launch a salon-themed podcast featuring discussions on the latest trends, haircare tips, and interviews with industry experts. 

Choose an engaging and recognizable name for your podcast that reflects your salon’s personality and the content you plan to deliver. 

Feature your salon stylists, bring in guest experts, and share anecdotes from your salon’s experiences. 

Maintain a consistent release schedule to keep your audience engaged and looking forward to new episodes. 

Promote your salon podcast across various channels, including your salon’s website, social media platforms, and email newsletters. Encourage listeners to share their thoughts, questions, and suggestions, fostering community around your podcast. 

Consider cross-promoting with other beauty and lifestyle podcasts or collaborating with influencers in the beauty industry to expand your podcast’s reach. Use each episode to showcase your salon’s expertise and unique offerings subtly.

43- Organize Live Styling Competitions

Organize live styling competitions in your salon where stylists showcase their creativity and skills. 

Invite local influencers or celebrities to judge the competition, and live stream the event on social media to engage a wider audience and build excitement around your salon.

Offer enticing prizes, including cash rewards or salon product bundles, to incentivize participants. 

Capture captivating photos and videos during the event for future promotional use. 

By hosting live styling competitions, your salon not only showcases its creativity but also fosters community engagement and creates lasting memories for clients and the local community.

44- Showcase Customer Transformation

Displaying your social proofs featuring their transformation before and after visiting your salon acts as one of the strongest marketing methods to gain customer trust and credibility. It also shows how professional and expert your staff is in grooming customers. 

Here is how you can showcase your salon’s best work and expertise:

  • Create authentic client testimonials in the form of video and audio explaining their transformation journey using your salon services and beauty products.
  • Build paid ads for different platforms pairing before and after photos with compelling captions and stories.
  • Ensure that you click before and after photos of the clients with their consent using the right lighting, backgrounds, and angles to showcase their appearance comparisons clearly.
  • You can also dedicate a page on your website to display these formats of customer testimonials. Engaging case studies is another method to depict and showcase your salon’s customer grooming transformation.
  • Leverage social media to the best to create highlights on your accounts displaying happy clients’ transformation and experiences.

Here is an example of a hair salon, Deseodenver, which posted the transformation of a customer on Instagram with its incredible hair styling expertise and the customer looking happy after the hair transformation.

beauty salon advertising

45- Keep Your Salon Website Updated

Whenever a customer needs to check out your salon’s products and services, they tend to check out your website. Since the website drops the first impression and is the first point of contact with the target audience, it is essential to make it as appealing and optimized as possible. So, it is an ongoing process, so make sure to keep a tab on your website glitches.

To make your website appealing and engaging, make the user experience smoother so your customers don’t move to your competitors’ salons. Ensure that you keep your salon website up-to-date with the pricing, packages, trends, appointment details, contact details, staff profiles, offers, and news. 

Be consistent in publishing skin care, hair care, and beauty-related blogs, articles, tips, and news but make sure you update your website with special and seasonal discounts and offers and highlight these promotions on key landing pages and your social media for better audience reach.

Update your client testimonial section as and when you prepare compelling testimonials of recent clients. If the social proofs are recent, new customers tend to find your beauty salon website more relevant and credible.

Audit your website thoroughly and look for broken links, errors, mobile-friendliness, and speed. If found, fix and optimize them to make your salon website look presentable in front of the target audience. Also, monitor your website analytics to keep a tab on your conversion rates and traffic to make future improvements.

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46- Run Online Contests on Your Makeup Spa Website

Arrange any fun promotional activity, especially rewarding contests, on your website to drive high customer engagement and enhanced brand awareness. The engagement can be in any form, including sharing selfies and rewards, tagging your salon’s social handles, driving traffic to your beauty store’s website, and giving a significant boost to your salon’s sales.

Online contests ask for customer information to sign up, which helps your salon increase its email list and client database. Plus, you get to showcase your salon’s products and services through ad campaigns appearing throughout the contest.

For instance, Instagram is perfect for visual contests like a salon selfie challenge, while Facebook suits engagement-based contests like comment-to-win giveaways. Effective contest rules should have clear entry guidelines, fairness in winner selection, and public prize announcements.

Here is an example of a cosmetic brand, Beauty Heaven, which announced a giveaway of its own branded products worth $10000. It is a perfect example of a promotional and engaging contest.

beauty salon advertising

47- Create an Email Newsletter for Your Skincare Service

Engage your salon’s prospective customers through captivating emails. You can inform your customers about the latest trends, tips, offers, and resources related to the hair care and beauty industry and your salon.

Sending a monthly or weekly newsletter to your salon’s customers can help strengthen client relationships and drive organic traffic to your website and social handles. Additionally, it helps in gathering valuable customer feedback, which can be used to curate future offerings to the customers.

Here is an example of a newsletter from Clinique, where you can see clear CTAs, celebrity images, appealing offers, and a list of key features:

beauty salon advertising

48- Start A Salon Book Club

Enrich the salon experience by launching a Salon Book Club, adding a literary dimension to your establishment. 

Begin by selecting books that align with your salon’s atmosphere and clientele—consider beauty and fashion-themed novels, memoirs of influential figures in the industry, or books that spark creativity and conversation. 

Promote the book club through in-salon signage, social media announcements, and your salon’s website. 

Create a dedicated space within your salon where clients can discover the current book selection and engage in discussions. Establish a regular meeting schedule, monthly or quarterly, to discuss the chosen book. 

Encourage participation by offering small incentives, such as exclusive discounts on services or retail products for active book club members. Provide a comfortable and inviting space within your salon for the book club meetings, ensuring it complements the overall ambiance. 

Use social channels to share updates about the book club, including recommended reads, meeting highlights, and client testimonials.

1- What is the importance of marketing for the hair salon business?

Here are the top advantages of implementing digital marketing in your beauty salon business:

  • Creates a strong online brand reputation for your beauty establishment
  • Helps in launching and promoting new beauty and hair care products
  • Improves your salon’s local digital visibility
  • Helps in getting an edge over your competitors
  • Strengthens relationship with leading beauty experts
  • Contributes to maximizing your brand’s profitability
  • Attracts new customers and retains the existing ones

2- What services do customers expect from a beauty boutique?

Here are the top services that customers expect from a skincare establishment:

  • Haircuts
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Coloring
  • Skin Care Treatments
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Makeup Application
  • Body and Hair Massages
  • Hair Removal
  • Facial and Body Scrubbing
  • Exfoliation 

3- Are there any specific advertising regulations that I need to be aware of for the cosmetic salon industry?

The marketing rules and regulations of the beauty salon industry may vary depending on the geographical location of the business. However, here are some general rules that are required to be followed by makeup service businesses:

  • Ensure to make accurate and authentic promises.
  • Use customer feedback and testimonials to prove the authenticity and results of your work.
  • Be clear and transparent about your salon’s conditions and limitations on offers and discounts to avoid any future discrepancies with the clients.
  • Take the consent of your clients before using their images, videos, and audio in your social media posts and testimonials to respect their privacy.
  • When using beauty and haircare products, take special care of copyrights and trademarks when using them in your advertising. 


Considering the need for digital visibility, it is important to implement engaging digital marketing strategies for your beauty salon. It promises better customer reach, competitive advantage, and authority in the beauty and hair niche. 

The above-listed advertising strategies are tried and tested in the beauty niche. Implement them smartly in your salon marketing, considering your brand goals and vision. Offer them appealing discounts and offers to build a positive perception of your salon and they will benefit your salon in strengthening long-term relationships with your valuable clients.

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