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12 Brilliant Examples of Beauty Content Marketing 

The beauty industry is raging and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.84% by 2027. With so much competition in the cosmetic world, it becomes essential for businesses to stay ahead of their peers and make their brands a trusted name among the audience by keeping up with the latest marketing trends […]


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The beauty industry is raging and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.84% by 2027.

With so much competition in the cosmetic world, it becomes essential for businesses to stay ahead of their peers and make their brands a trusted name among the audience by keeping up with the latest marketing trends in the beauty arena.

Potential consumers rely primarily on various types of content to make buying decisions and learn how to use different beauty products or search for new products. 

It is, therefore, critical for your cosmetic brand to engage effectively with the customers throughout their entire purchasing journey. 

As a beauty entrepreneur or content marketer, you might be wondering about the best tips to leverage for skincare content marketing. A carefully considered and expertly executed content marketing strategy can help you edge over your competitors. 

Before creating your beauty content marketing strategy, consider using successful examples to understand how the system works.

In this article, I have listed some of the best beauty content marketing examples that will help you increase your brand engagement and raise more sales.

Let’s begin!

What is Beauty Content Marketing?

Beauty content marketing is an efficient advertising tactic that promotes your beauty products and services on various online platforms, including social media and search engines, through blog posts, stories, reels, videos, and vlogs to drive organic traffic, reach the target audience, and build a solid customer base.

Here is why content marketing is crucial for your beauty brand:

  • Helps you get higher search engine rankings and improved online visibility
  • Drives significant website traffic  
  • Enhances your brand awareness 
  • Attracts potential customers and ultimately drives more revenue
  • Enhances customer trust and loyalty by providing valuable input throughout the purchase journey

Best Beauty Content Marketing Examples

Here are the best cosmetic content marketing examples for your inspiration: 

1- L’Oréal’s Virtual Make-Up

Many beauty brands launched different virtual tools, as it was more convenient for consumers than visiting beauty stores and trying out the products in person. 

That is why face filters have emerged as a popular way for beauty brands to engage and advertise on various social media platforms in recent years.

L’Oréal is one of the prominent beauty brands to turn these beauty filters into a more substantial and unique online experience, aligning with the recent rise in digital communication.

They launched Signature Faces, an effective virtual tool that helped them to stand out in the competitive cosmetic industry.

The tool enabled the audience to select from the ten different augmented reality (AR) filters on various live video platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

VR filters allow consumers to wear makeup online without actually wearing it in reality, which enables them to select the makeup styles that suit them the most. 

This is how L’Oréal, a beauty brand, used content marketing to enhance the sales of their products and generate revenue.

2- Huda Beauty’s Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing has significantly influenced many beauty brand content marketing strategies, but Huda Beauty has emerged as a leading example.

Huda Beauty, an established brand in the cosmetic industry, was launched in 2013, and it practically exploded overnight owing to Huda’s digital fanbase across various social media platforms.

Huda Beauty’s Instagram feed is populated with fashion bloggers and influencers with millions of followers. 

One of Huda Beauty’s prominent influencers, Merita Merja, for instance, has 2.7 million followers, while the cosmetic brand’s founder, Huda Kattan, has herself become an influencer with 2.7 million followers.

Huda Beauty’s official Instagram page is an influencer marketing success story itself, as the account has the most followers out of any beauty brand, with more than 52 million followers. 

The skincare brand has always loved providing opportunities for cosmetic influences. One primary way to promote its product is by collaborating with fashion bloggers and influencers. 

Searching within the Huda Beauty network for “micro-influencers” reveals stories that depict Huda Beauty’s connection to Influencer partnerships.

These partnerships with influencers and fashion vloggers enable Huda Beauty to become the most-sought cosmetic brand on Instagram which, in turn, enhances the sale of cosmetic products.

3- Fenty Beauty’s Shades for Everyone

Social media platforms, like Instagram, play a significant role in content marketing for beauty brands. It acts as a visual platform that offers cosmetic brands significant exposure and influencers a sense of inclusivity.

So, when one of the world’s most popular and biggest pop stars launched a skincare brand, it was bound to be one of the successful brands. 

The founder, Rihanna, focused entirely on social media marketing to build the interest of potential customers in her new line of beauty products. 

She posted a picture of her wearing pink lipstick on an unverified Instagram handle called Fenty Beauty which created hype about the Instagram account and helped it gain more followers instantly.

Fenty Beauty launched an effective campaign that significantly helped its content marketing strategy. 

It launched over 40 shades of foundation with the message that Fenty was for every skin type and everyone. Fenty’s first launch was entirely digital, which used influencer marketing for the promotion. 

Diversity within the beauty and skincare industry has traditionally been limited. Hence, Fenty Beauty’s approach to creating products for every skin type and marketing it using a visual app like Instagram is efficient.

Fenty Beauty continues this approach across digital channels, using YouTube tutorials and live virtual events to generate engagement and hype around each new product launch.

It succeeds in taking advantage of beauty content marketing, with Rihanna and other influencers getting involved with much of the brand’s content. 

Another good instance of a pop star successfully reading her audience well is Selena Gomez and her cosmetic brand, Rare Beauty, whose goal is to change the conversation on mental health self-acceptance via skincare products.

The website of Rare Beauty gained more than 8k backlinks even before products were available, as there was already a buzz on social media platforms about it. Selena Gomez attracted much press interest by simply talking about it on her social media accounts.

This caused the much-wanted spike in third-party websites creating content linking to the new website.

Backlinks from the online press are not only great for brand exposure, but they are also beneficial for search engine optimization.

One of the known ranking factors on Google’s radar is backlinks, and if different websites link to your website, that sends a strong signal to Google that the website is essential and, therefore, should rank highly.

Thus, backlinks played a vital role in making Rare Beauty one of the prominent cosmetic brands. It enabled the brand to be accessible to the followers and target audience and became an effective content marketing strategy for Rare Beauty. 

5- Glossier’s Body Hero

Glossier has one of the major success stories in digital content marketing. It made its name in the cosmetic industry by identifying a specific consumer base, including beauty fans who preferred natural looks. It provided a consistent tone and voice across different channels. 

It utilized user-generated content for a ten-day marketing campaign to promote its product ‘Body Hero,’ a combination of oil cleanser and body lotion.

Over 3000 images of user-generated content were shared across Instagram only. Over 5,000 images across social media platforms using the #BodyHero hashtag make it one of the most known user-generated campaigns for a new product launch.

Glossier published content that blended its marketing imagery and retweets and shares from customers eager to share their pictures with the products across various social media channels like Instagram and Twitter.

It generated over $33,000 in the first week of launching the Body Hero Campaign, with most of the revenue coming from online sales driven by social media platforms.

Inclusivity is a significant driver for user-generated content; it’s a simple yet effective way to gain brand exposure across multiple channels, which feeds into the high demand for peer feedback or reviews on products from consumers. All of this creates a complementary cycle the brand can capitalize on.

The brand’s signature beauty blog permits customers to become acquainted with the brand in an informative, authentic context. This also drives plenty of traffic to Glossier’s products and helps Glossier generate revenue with effective content marketing.

6- Function of Beauty’s Customisation Quizzes

The Function of Beauty is one of the best cosmetic companies that create personalized conditioners and shampoos based on specific hair goals. 

It was launched with a simple mission to create hair products that are built exclusively for a single person’s hair.

Most conditioners and shampoos are made with the same essential ingredients, with few alterations for “smooth and shiny” or “extra volume.”

Despite marketing certain products designed to solve various hair problems and achieve perfect hair goals, most hair products are usually the same. 

This is where the brand saw an opportunity for effective content marketing. The company uses a specific quiz to learn about users to understand consumers’ hair and what they want their hair to feel like, look like, smell like, and more.

The result of that quiz is then pumped into an algorithm that works out which ingredients, and how much of those ingredients, should be used in shampoo and conditioner for each user.   

This algorithm enables the Function of Beauty to offer more than 12 billion custom combinations. 

The Function of Beauty has been continuously refining the brand, focusing on celebrating individuality. It also buffs the algorithm to get even more fine-tuned custom combinations. 

The company also reacts to user feedback, making tweaks like offering subscription purchases instead of manually re-ordering when supplies are low.

Online consultation or quizzes are one of the most effective content marketing strategies for a haircare and skincare brand like Function of Beauty, as they enable the brand to reach out to the masses and ensure that potential consumers can have a sense of loyalty. 

It enhances their sales exponentially and helps the beauty brand significantly in generating more revenue.

7- Bleach London’s Bleach Hair Party

Interactive content that effectively educates or helps consumers to make purchase decisions is becoming increasingly valuable, especially in the cosmetic industry. 

One of the many reasons behind the growing popularity of interactive content in the beauty industry is that beauty products are visually appealing.

After the pandemic years, the demand and use of interactive content have skyrocketed. Interactive content permits customers to see how they will look with various types of makeup, hair color, and eyelashes. 

With millions of people using it to test various products visually, it has become one of the most trusted and popular content marketing strategies for various skincare and haircare brands.

8-  NYX’s Face Awards

L’oreal-owned brand NYX leveraged the potential of freebies and gifts to grow its social audience. Its free distribution of gifts and beauty products on various social channels increased the brand’s social engagement rate by 97%.

Another content marketing tactic that has helped this huge beauty brand grow awareness on social media is the introduction of the annual Face Awards in 2012 which includes video content marketing on social media.

These awards involve an online beauty competition designed for make-up and beauty bloggers who can showcase their talents and skills. At the final stage, the audience decides on the Artist of the Year award for these influencers. 

This serves two purposes for the brand, growing brand awareness for the general audience, connecting with beauty bloggers, and generating content for various social media platforms.

9- Colour Pop

Colour Pop, a luxury cosmetic brand best known for its liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes, collaborated with top YouTube and Instagram to market its campaigns and free giveaways.

One instance of such rewarding campaigning resulted in getting approximately 75000 comments which increased the brand’s awareness significantly. Keeping their target audience in mind, Colour Pop rewarded eye palettes with a $50 gift card for 20 lucky winners.

Besides leveraging the power of freebies, Colour Pop also used social media hashtags to the fullest. To make their brand trend on various social media platforms, Colour Pop composed their posts and stories as well as user-generated content with their hashtags.

Here are the top-performing hashtags of Colour Pop that helped them boost their reach:

  • #colourpopcosmetics
  • #colourpopme
  • #Disneyandcolourpop
  • #makeupupinspo
  • #holidaymakeup

By consistently following this content marketing strategy, Colour Pop reached its target audience within a short time. 

10- Aesop’s Taxonomy of Design

The cult skincare brand Aesop is a major cosmetic brand that takes pride in creating original and unique retail spaces deliberately designed to be different.

It launched the Taxonomy of Design project, a microsite dedicated to the various materials used and themes explored in retail stores.

In addition, it also features interviews with famous collaborators and designers who have worked in the stores. 

The microsite is an effectively designed, easy-to-use destination where fashion enthusiasts can easily explore the beauty brand’s database.

The Taxonomy of Design project is one of the great ways of content marketing that enables the beauty brand to rechannel the momentum of excitement around the brand into a dedicated website to enhance sales and generate more revenue.

11- Refy Beauty

Founded by Jess Hunt, Refy Beauty is a leading vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that differentiates itself from other brands as a clean brand that embraces natural beauty.

Because of their strong content marketing strategy, the brand has secured a substantial fan base on all social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. 

The beauty brand believes in creating a buzz on its channels whenever they are about to launch a new product.

It builds hype by dropping multiple curious and cryptic posts on its channels that hint towards a new product launch to create awareness about the brand and get the audience talking about it. However, the posts contain simple yet signaling captions.

To build curiosity and urge audiences to sign up for their newsletters, Refy Beauty posts intriguing content with blurred beauty products, which is revealed to the loyal and interested audience.

This vegan beauty brand also collaborates with top-tier content creators, including Bella Hadid, which helps build a solid social media profile for the company and conveys the message of embracing and enhancing natural beauty.

The collaboration includes content creation through video tutorials, static posts, and images with products and packaging. This initiative led to growing the brand’s popularity and videos going viral.

12- Chanel

Founded by Coco Chanel, Chanel is one of the pioneers of French luxury fashion brands that proved that continuous experimentation with advertising is the basic need for brands, whether established or startup.

Chanel has leveraged the power of influencer marketing to grow its popularity on social channels and gained a massive fan following of 55.2 million.

The brand’s collaboration with top-tier creators, including Jessica Clements, pays off for both Chanel as well the influencer. Continuous delivery of posts and videos recommending Chanel’s products convinces the influencer’s fan following to try out the products of the luxury beauty brand.

To bring back in-store shopping, Chanel shook hands with famous beauty personalities like Ava Lee to promote the beauty brand with gifts and makeovers.

The influencer created an engaging video of the Chanel store and her makeover, which gained substantial engagement from her other fashion videos. This move also helped Chanel gain Ava’s followers’ exposure and trust.

Another incidence of their marketing strategy using strong content including their initiative to make their audience stay at home while getting entertained. 

They collaborated with the leading singer, Angele, to perform a live concert, Stay Home with Chanel, through Instagram for their massive fan following of over 55 million, keeping them entertained during the lockdown.

The posts and stories of the concert were focused on promoting the #Stayathome hashtag as much as possible.


The cosmetic industry is fiercely competitive. New players are emerging and outdoing many other brands with each passing day. 

Hence, your beauty brand requires effective and robust content marketing strategies to stay relevant in the skincare industry. 

Content marketing plays a significant role in expanding the brand awareness of budding and established beauty businesses. 

The beauty content marketing examples I have showcased are not a fluke but have been created from cleverly considered strategies that efficient marketing professionals likely put together. 

These brilliant examples of beauty content marketing by cosmetic brands will help you make informed decisions for your content marketing strategy to reach your desired consumer base faster. 

Want to grow your beauty brand? Schedule a call with Brenton Way’s content marketing experts, who will create a tailored advertising strategy to enhance your audience reach and improve brand recognition globally.


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