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We help you generate more business leads directly from local & national PPC ads campaigns in the westlake village area., all with an in-house marketing team.

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Marketing your business to prospective buyers is the easiest way to improve sales and profits—and digital marketing your business is an amazing avenue to do just that. Moving from basic SEO to more advanced Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, especially with pay-per-click advertisements is guaranteed to improve you business’s publicity and visibility to prospective clients. Our custom PPC services Westlake based businesses enjoy is perfect for optimizing yield on investment.

Paid advertisements on Google Adwords is one of the most effective strategies local businesses in Westlake can take advantage of. Pay-per-Click campaigns must be optimized to ensure it reaches the right audience—potential buyers in the Westlake region.

Brenton Way PPC services in Westlake are designed to push your business to the front and outshine competitors in your marketing campaigns. Our radical SEM techniques and strategies are constantly updated to keep in line with the ever changing scene digital marketing.

With our PPC services, you can expect:

  • Market Analysis and Research

Before we start our process of optimizing your marketing campaigns, we conduct a fully comprehensive analysis of your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to craft an effective strategy. We also conduct intensive competitor research to discover their strategies, and discover strategies to adopt and weaknesses to exploit.

  • Keyword Strategies

We will devise a keyword strategy that focuses on locally targeted traffic, based on user intent in Westlake in particular. We incorporate keywords that specifically targets niche Westlake audience—visitors you hope convert into sales. Our strategy is crafted to combine search terms, intent, volume and competition, all in a bid to create a winning keyword strategy.

  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

Leverage our extensive list of tools and tracking software keep track of the progress of your marketing campaigns. Tracking measurements of your pay per click campaigns will help keep you informed of the progress of your campaign strategy and techniques. Knowledge of your conversion rate allows you discover redundant campaigns to either improve or discontinue such campaigns.

With comprehensive knowledge of your campaign results, you can properly adjust your resource allocation and optimize your ROI. Eliminate spending on ineffective campaigns, and increase your spending on the more productive campaigns.

  • Bid Management

With extensive knowledge and experience in various industries, our bidding strategy ensures you only get the best pricing on your focus keywords. Competitive bid management ensures that your market strategy results in improved traffic, sales, brand recognitions and leads.

  • Ad Copywriting

We produce engaging copy, with strong calls-to-action that catches the eye of your virtual audience. Your ad texts are all locally customized, to ensure it is relatable to Westlake visitors, and elicits engagement.

  • Landing Page Optimization

Improve conversion with website landing pages that are guaranteed to provide valuable content that increases the chances of conversion and sales. We provide landing page optimization to help your business convert your website’s visitors into viable leads.

Contact us at Brenton Way to begin improving your business’s digital marketing campaigns. With our Westlake oriented PPC services, we can guarantee a noticeable improvement in your business’s sales, lead generation, and brand visibility.



“What I love about Brenton Way is that they are not afraid to change the status quo and show us how to really grow. When you see 40% growth in 3 months, you know it’s real!”

Alice Win
Digital Marketing Manager
“Brenton Way was everything I hoped for, and more. Our startup was looking for an agile team that can build on our proof of concept. They delivered by giving us a 380% ROAS on Facebook & Adwords.

Jennifer Gerber
Lead Strategist


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