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orthodontic marketing

Orthodontic Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Dental Practice

Successful orthodontic practices are those that can effectively capture the attention of potential patients and make lasting connections.  This is where orthodontic marketing strategies come into play.  By leveraging the right combination of marketing strategies, orthodontists can differentiate themselves from the competition and build a thriving practice. Why Do Orthodontists and Dental Specialists Need Strategic […]

Physical therapy marketing

12 Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas For Physiotherapists 

With the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry, physiotherapists must find ways to distinguish themselves from the growing competition.  Delivering quality services is no longer sufficient; nowadays, effective physical therapy marketing and brand development are necessary for attracting and keeping clients.  This extensive guide details 12 effective tactics for marketing physical therapy, which can assist […]

pediatrician marketing

15 Best Marketing Strategies For Pediatric Practitioners 

Looking to grow your Pediatricians business and attract more patient referrals? You should learn some effective marketing strategies for pediatricians. Online advertising is important for medical professionals who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents because it helps them convey their importance to families in their community. This article explores why marketing is […]

targeted advertising

What is Targeted Advertising? 12 Best Strategies To Follow in 2024 

Targeted advertising is a type of marketing that centers on identifying and appealing to a consumer’s distinct characteristics, hobbies, and choices.  Advertisers find out this data about the consumers by monitoring their online behavior. With advanced technology and tools getting better everyday, targeted marketing has been very successful in recent years with the help of […]

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Flight –
Rapid Creative Testing

Flight is our powerful creative ads testing platform that tests multiple versions of your ad creative and finds your winning ad set with only 10% of the ads budget.
Soar instantly analyzes your customer purchase data through your eComm or CRM to determine your most loyal customers to optimize your ads for the highest ROAS.

Soar –
CLTV-Backed Ads Optimization

Horizon –
Centralized Growth

Horizon brings together campaign analytics, ad performance, social media engagement, email marketing, and SEO metrics in a single, intuitive dashboard.
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