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Deploy Brenton Way's unique lead generation campaign, Lead Outreach to target your important buyers, find their information, create personalized pitch, and outreach - all under one agency.

Generating sales leads for enterprise-level companies is not easy and many companies have created solutions to provide an all-in-one solution to do so.

The problem with most solutions is they don’t create a personalized and human touch.

Brenton Way has created Lead Outreach – a fully managed enterprise lead generation campaign aimed at enhancing the sales pipeline with opportunities.

There is a 5-step process to success here:

Step 1: Defining your buyer audience

  • Establish defined buyer personas from accounts to job-title level
  • Meet collaboratively to discover personnel
  • Set specific market indicators of your buyers for hyper-targeting
We will determine who your decision makers are and create segmented personas. This will allow us to gather data quicker of these people and build out a detailed understanding of who they are. From there we will begin scraping for their contact information including name, position, company, email, & company revenue.

Step 2: Scraping your buyer profiles

  • Aggregate buyer data including names, emails, titles, investments, employee count, & more..
  • Enrich data across Facebook, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, & Angellist
  • Refine data through machine learning

Our team will create a unique pitch that explains the value propositions of to these decision-makers. We will also determine the subject lines and best-practices from our experiences for conversions. The goal of the outreach will be to get these people into either a phone call or consultation with your team.

Step 3: Personalizing the pitch to your potential buyers

  • Create & receive unique, personal, action-oriented pitches
  • Set A/B testing benchmarks across each pitch for optimization

Step 4: Creating a fully-managed lead generation outreach

  • Fully managed outreach campaign
  • 5-7 phase automated follow-up sequence with Linkedin Soft Introductions
  • CRM integration included

Once we build the interest with the decision-maker, we will handoff the opportunity either to your inbox or directly integrate to your CRM.

Step 5: Track your buyers & retarget through ads

  • Measure prospect engagement from opened emails to click-throughs
  • Monthly campaign data reporting
  • Retarget audience through display, Linkedin & Facebook

We have created a unique campaign that builds new relationships with key decision makers in your vertical. As a B2B company, channels such as Linkedin, Crunchbase, AngelList, Twitter & more hold key information of these potential clients. We can scrape this unstructured data and build a targeted list for outreach.

Covering Enterprise Sales Leads Potential

Create compelling messages and next-gen marketing tactics that help drive high-level growth across multiple mediums.

Implementing Enterprise Sales Lead Generation

We reviewed all digital assets visible through the digital landscape including website, social media, and current digital marketing efforts explained by estimated traffic, SEO rankings, and various digital professional tests.

There are several positives but many elements that are out of scope, lacking professional direction, and leaving clear areas of opportunity for to quickly increase overall digital positioning and establish footing for long-term success.



"What I love about Brenton Way is that they are not afraid to change the status quo and show us how to really grow. When you see 40% growth in 3 months, you know it's real!"
Alice Win
Digital Marketing Manager
“Brenton Way was everything I hoped for, and more. Our startup was looking for an agile team that can build on our proof of concept. They delivered by giving us a 380% ROAS on Facebook & Adwords.
Jennifer Gerber
Lead Strategist


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