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How we helped Meatheads expand their traffic and generated over 2 million monthly social impressions


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Food & Beverage

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Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads, Social Media, Community Management, Brand Conversion

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Fast Food Chain

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See how we helped this fast food chain expand its digital presence with Paid, Community, & Influencer campaigns.
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Who is Meatheads?

Meatheads Burgers is a fast-casual restaurant specializing in chef-inspired burgers, fresh-cut fries, and hand-breaded chicken.
Meatheads Burgers stands out in the fast-casual dining sector with its commitment to quality and freshness. Each dish, from their award-winning burgers to their signature fresh-cut fries, is made to order using the finest ingredients.

This dedication to culinary excellence is evident in their use of Halperns' Angus Beef and all-natural chicken, ensuring a gourmet experience in every bite. Meatheads Burgers demonstrates how prioritizing ingredient quality and customer satisfaction can significantly elevate a fast-casual dining experience.

Marketing Strategies


Virality built in the heart of the community 🔥

We tapped into the heart of the community, creating viral content that resonated with local audiences & partnering with key influencers that shared the same vision.

By understanding their unique preferences, we encouraged organic sharing, turning each post into a potential viral hit and tapping into weekly trends on TikTok & Instagram.

A cohesive social media feed that makes your mouth water

We determined that over 79% of audiences visiting the social feed were looking to make a decision on their next food destination within the next hour.

We crafted a visually stunning social media feed for Meatheads, filled with mouth-watering images of their offerings.

In return, we saw direct engagement on the feed that increased in-store marketing revenue by 35%.
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