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How we helped Couples Learn scale their SEO presence & ROI through carefully crafted performance campaigns.

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See how we helped this Couples Therapy brand expand its digital presence with Google Ads, SEO, & Content Creation Marketing campaigns.
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Who is Couples Learn?

Couples Learn is an online platform that helps you increase trust, intimacy, and connection in your relationship. is an online therapy platform specializing in relationship counseling. They offer services like couples therapy for resolving recurring issues and rejuvenating intimate connections, individual therapy for breaking unhealthy relationship patterns, and premarital counseling to equip couples with effective communication strategies for a successful marriage.

Marketing Strategies


Curating 8+ monthly long-tail focused content focused all on bottom of funnel

We carefully crafted quarterly content calendar plans with Dr. Schewitz that would both focus on available keyword volumes and her experience in the field.

We developed articles that would address client pain points and concerns that would keep them up at night. Example topics such as how-to guides to breaking up in a relationship, when to choose the right partner, and explanation of the different love languages.

This helped boost over 10,000 keyword rankings, and 8,000 new monthly traffic.

Redesigning a modern website layout to maximize lead & conversion value

One of the major factors that was affecting conversions was the outdated web design.

We immediately began by retelling the Couples Learn story, addressing the client concerns, and crafting a brand identity with the website design that would be both calm on the eyes but informative.

This helped drive an increase of 40% CTR and 56% site engagement usage rate which ultimately lead to more sign ups from clients.
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