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BodyTonic Case Study

How we helped BodyTonic Med Spa dominate in a competitive category across all mediums

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See how we helped this Med Spa expand its digital presence with Paid, Community, & Influencer campaigns.
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Who is BodyTonic Med Spa?

BodyTonic is a leading Medical Spa known for providing expert care, exceptional results, and a superior client experience. Their mission is to enhance client appearances and boost their confidence.
Specializing in the latest non-invasive medical-grade beauty treatments, cosmetic injectables, and advanced body sculpting technologies, BodyTonic's tailored treatments target the signs of aging, revitalizing and refreshing appearances. Each treatment is designed to amplify inherent beauty, ensuring clients leave feeling impeccable.

Refined Web Design to Increase
Digital Booking Rates By 400%


Developing storytelling creative UGC w/ influencers

Considering the unique offerings of the Med Spa, we honed down on creatives that told each story from the actual creators POV, helping put potential clients in their shoes.

We created the creative planning, negotiation, and execution of each creative piece to be used across all mediums including Paid Social, Organic, Email, and more.

Conversion-focused Ad campaigns from top-to-bottom of the funnel

By leveraging the organic social traffic, we were able to retarget the most engaged audiences across Meta and Google display sources and drive them back for a free consultation.

We also used Search and Leads based ads campaigns to convert cold audiences to initial consultation, allowing us to hit an astounding 8X ROAS goal.
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