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How we helped Autonomous expand their brand presence across their social media channels


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Performance Recap

See how we helped Autonomous 4x their social engagement.

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Who is Autonomous?

Autonomous provides office & single-home furniture equipment including standup desks and ergonomic chairs.

Autonomous has been a company driven by technological innovation since its inception in 2015. Starting out as a group of people with a firm understanding of both software and hardware, the first product was a robot assistant named Maya whose job was to make lives easier, more convenient and smarter.

Marketing Objectives

Our primary objective was to create a new social media community behind this engaging brand by building multiple sub-pockets of communities within the ethos of gaming, productivity, and creativity.

Our second objective was to work with hundreds of micro & macro influencers who would become the brand advocates ultimately helping to push the brand awareness past 500K per month.

Marketing Strategies


Building a dedicated Facebook Group community of 120,000+ Members

The community was a key aspect of building brand loyalty and improving the overall CLTV (customer lifetime value) of Autonomous. The more people were a part of the Facebook Group community, the more the brand would be able to reduce it’s year-over-year acquisition costs.

We helped foster a lively community where individuals would generate unique content around their productivity experiences and ultimately drive traffic back to the brand.

Using UGC Content For Social Media Engagement

Brand ambassadors were a pivotal part of developing the brands ecosystem of engaged consumer purchases. We worked closely with leading influencers who would resonate with the Autonomous audience.

We developed a list of influencers every month that met the objectives and brand style – from there we would engage with the influencers who had true reach by product exchanges and payment.

Generating Social impact & impressions with thoughtful content

By working with creators that put their creative first, we were able to build genuine engagement across multiple sub-set of audiences who were attracted to the product lines.

Our average CTR from social Instagram & TikTok went up from 1% to 7& across the 9 month experiment ultimately beating out other traditional traffic sources such as organic in CTR value.

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