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Beauty Copywriting: Tips & Best Examples

Beauty copywriting is one of the strongest strategies that help in gaining audience attention and acquiring a loyal customer base. Perfect beauty copywriting requires authenticity, imagery, and emotions. It helps your brand build a strong connection with cosmetic fanatics. Hence, you should be thorough with the know-how of beauty copywriting for your skincare company. In […]


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Beauty copywriting is one of the strongest strategies that help in gaining audience attention and acquiring a loyal customer base.

Perfect beauty copywriting requires authenticity, imagery, and emotions. It helps your brand build a strong connection with cosmetic fanatics. Hence, you should be thorough with the know-how of beauty copywriting for your skincare company.

In this article, I will uncover the top eight skincare and beauty copywriting tips along with successful examples which will help your cosmetic brand communicate with the target audience in the most captivating way. 

Let’s begin! 

What is Beauty Copywriting?

Beauty copywriting is the art of creating persuasive and compelling written content specifically for the cosmetic and wellness industry. It involves crafting engaging and persuasive language to promote beauty products, skincare routines, wellness services, cosmetic treatments, and more. 

For example, a hair transplant clinic can use the below copywriting in its primary landing page to attract audiences:

Your Hair Restoration Journey Begins Here 

“Discover Your Unique Hair Restoration Journey at MYBeauty Hair Transplant Clinic. We recognize that your path to overcoming hair loss is one-of-a-kind. That’s why our dedicated team of compassionate experts is committed to delivering personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From the initial consultation to the stunning final results, we’ll be by your side, ensuring your comfort and complete satisfaction every step of the way. Trust us to guide you towards a hair restoration experience that’s as exceptional as you are.”

Top 8 Beauty Copywriting Tips

Cosmetic and wellness copywriting is crucial to engage, inform, persuade, and connect with beauty enthusiasts. Here are the top beauty copywriting tips and tactics to drive success for your beauty business:

1- Understand Your Buyer

Before creating ad copies, blogs, and other creative material to promote your beauty brand, you need to identify your customer needs. It is crucial to target their pain points so that you can convince them to choose your beauty brand over competitors.

Analyze your beauty brand’s demographics through your website and social listening, including their age, gender, income level, and geographical location. 

Further, focus on analyzing their psychology with their lifestyle, aspirations, and social performance. This will help in aligning your copywriting with their desires leading to a strong connection. If your audience’s ideology supports natural products and sustainability, promote them with sentences like, ‘We use eco-friendly and organic products.’

Study their purchasing behavior pattern through competitor analysis, website audits, and social behaviors to understand how much they spend on products of your beauty genre, how much time they take while purchasing beauty products, and how they choose a particular beauty product. In this case, highlight offers, discounts, and affordability of your cosmetic products through copywriting to gain their attention instantly.

Additionally, you should consider customer insights and feedback while constructing your ad copies and promotional pages. This will provide your insights on their likings, tastes, preferences, and suggestions to improve beauty brand messaging. 

Here is an example beauty buyer persona from Maky Cosmetics:


2- Use Brand-Aligning Slogans

Slogans and taglines are what catch customers’ attention at first. It stays with your audience and plays an important role in making your beauty brand memorable. Slogans are also an excellent strategy to help your audiences understand your product.

Here is how you can create robust and intriguing brand-aligning slogans:

  • Ensure that your slogans define your brand personality, mission, and USPs.
  • Keep them short, crisp, and easy to remember. Craft it with an emotional touch to address customer problems and concerns.
  • Highlight your brand-defining words and phrases to convey your message clearly. The words should define your brand personality.
  • Avoid the usage of common phrases. Be authentic with your approach and include the things which you can genuinely offer.
  • Blend your beauty slogans with your existing branding, including logos, design, and imagery. 
  • Evaluate the response of the target audiences by public testing. Gather feedback across various channels, including social media, website, and offline.

Here are some popular beauty brand slogans from leading cosmetic brands:

  • “Because you’re worth it.” – L’Oréal 


  • “The art of beauty.” – Estée Lauder 
  • “Beauty without boundaries.” – Maybelline 
  • “The power of beautiful hair.” – Pantene 
  • “Embrace your natural beauty.” – Dove 
  • “Science. Meet beauty.” – Olay 
  • “Makeup for every skin tone.” – Fenty Beauty 
  • “Luxury skincare for radiant results.” – La Mer 
  • “Beauty that lasts.” – Revlon 
  • “Unlock your inner glow.” – Glossier
  • “Where skincare meets self-care.” – Sunday Riley 
  • “Unleash your inner goddess.” – Anastasia Beverly Hills 
  • “Your beauty, your rules.” – NYX Professional Makeup 
  • “Beauty inspired by nature.” – Burt’s Bees 
  • “Discover the beauty within.” – Clinique 
  • “Elevate your beauty routine.” – Tatcha 
  • “Beauty is endless.” – Urban Decay 
  • “Luxury cosmetics for the modern muse.” – Charlotte Tilbury 
  • “The secret to ageless beauty.” – Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair 
  • “Where beauty meets innovation.” – Sephora

 3- Highlight Unique Cosmetic Features

Identifying your beauty brand’s unique features and displaying them to the target audience is important so they have valid reasons to choose your cosmetic company over your competitors. Your copywriting skills should be compelling and engaging enough to induce a sense of uniqueness among the target audience.

Here are some tips for displaying your cosmetic products’ unique features:

  • Perform a deep competitor analysis to identify what is different between your offerings and theirs. 
  • Determine your beauty brand’s USPs to understand what features you can highlight effectively in your ad campaigns, landing pages, and other resourceful pages. It can be anything from organic ingredients to special formulations to sustainability. For instance, the below landing page from Olay highlights two major product USPs – the power of five serums into one with skin transformation in just four weeks:
  • Ensure that you don’t stretch the phrases and paragraphs. Your copies should be concise and specific.
  • You can also highlight your beauty brand’s key features in a comparative form showing the distinctive qualities of your cosmetic products.
  • Include limited edition and exclusive words in your ad copies to create a sense of curiosity and desire among the target audience.
  • Keep your landing page and ad copies easily scannable by highlighting your beauty products’ key features in the headings and titles.

4- Tell Your Beauty Brand’s Story

Telling your cosmetic brand’s story in an engaging and creative way helps create an impactful impression on beauty enthusiasts. 

It is one of the top ways to create a strong authority in your niche as well as connect with you on a personal level. The emotional appeal in your brand’s growth story helps build trust and credibility among the target audience.

Here is how you can depict your skincare brand’s story effectively:

  • Stick to your brand’s values, missions, and USPs when creating a blueprint of the brand story. Ensure that your brand’s distinct feature is included effortlessly throughout.
  • Draft the journey of the brand in a compelling way that shows the progress of the company. Also, share the challenges you faced in the success path of the brand. 
  • Highlight your products’ key features, formulations, and ingredients you put in. Also, mention how you chose those ingredients.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate your customers’ stories who experienced positive transformation using your products.
  • Mention the practices you adopt to reduce carbon footprints and how your beauty is contributing towards sustainability.
  • With exceptional writing skills, you should also offer visually appealing images, videos, and graphs to enhance your storytelling experience.

Here is an example of a beautiful brand story of the skincare brand ANIA, which captured the essence of branding while depicting its history. The story starts with the company’s mission-aligned introduction. The copywriting is simple and easy to understand with phrases like clean beauty that works and defining clean beauty. The focus of the story is sustainability which is clearly described through captivating titles and clear images.

5- Include Customer Testimonials Creatively

Create customer feedback, comments, suggestions, and journey into creative testimonials. Getting insights into real-life success stories of your beauty brand builds a sense of trust among prospective customers. This acts as proof of authenticity for your brand.

Here are tips for creating cosmetic customer testimonials:

  • Diversify the testimonial content. It can be in any form, including videos, text, and audio. If the testimonials are attached to actual customers’ visuals, then their credibility also increases. Here are example beauty testimonials: 


  • Depict the transformation of the customers and highlight the key concerns that your products were able to solve for them. For instance, “From dry to glowing skin! Ana achieved positive results in just two months. Join her and experience the power of our skincare range”.
  • Highlight your brand’s collaboration with influencers and their experiences in a powerful way. For instance, “Recommended by leading beauty experts and dermatologists”. 
  • Use a storytelling method to show your customers’ journey. Begin with their skincare challenges and problems. Further, show how they got to know about your products and how those products helped them achieve positive results. For instance, “Meet Chelsea, an engineer, and busy professional who has faced the problem of dry skin for years. Our hydrating moisturizer helped her replenish moisture and restore a natural glow”. 

6- Use Emotional Language 

The whole purpose of spending efforts and resources on beauty copywriting is to connect with your target audience. It makes your beauty products more realistic and relatable to consumers. 

Here are the tips to bring an emotional tone to your copywriting:

  • Choose descriptive emotion-evoking keywords like luxurious, refreshing, natural, or smooth to create a picture of what your skincare product can offer.
  • Touch the senses to provide the audience with the texture of the product. For instance, use a tone that speaks about how a product feels, smells, and appears on your skin. 
  • Connect past customers and depict their transformation stories to depict the positive outcomes of your products.
  • Address the prospective customer’s problems and insecurities. Offer them the solutions to show empathy and understanding to the audience. You can also think out of the box like L’Oréal did. Here is an example of an ad from L’Oréal, where they targeted the emotions of both men and women. This is called ‘clever emotional copywriting’. 


  • Encourage customers with emotionally-driven CTAs to perform purchasing actions. You should use words like rejuvenate your beauty experience with or unleash the best of your skin.

7- Keep Persuasive Product Titles And Descriptions

Titles are what draw the audience’s attention at first glance to your brand content. Hence, it is important to keep titles compelling enough to make prospective customers try your cosmetic product once. 

It should be noted that your skincare product titles match the branding and the descriptions’ tone match with the company’s message.

Here are the tips to generate persuasive cosmetic product titles and descriptions:

  • Avoid fluffs and keep your message straight. Use precise words to describe your beauty products. Use unique titles that catch audiences’ attention. For instance, if you offer lipstick, you should say ultra matte lipstick available in 32 shades instead of simply saying matte lipstick.
  • Put emphasis on the top benefits of the beauty product.
  • Avoid using general words and incorporate powerful words and phrases to touch their pain points and desires. For example, a phrase like, “Unleash your beauty secrets with our full range of cosmetic products” is more impactful than a simple sentence like, “Try our cosmetic range”.
  • Incorporate numbers and statistics to make your beauty content look more compelling and trusted. Use titles like “Top 10 steps to achieve glowing skin” to make your titles more meaningful and specific.
  • Use sensory words that impact the senses of the audience, including sight, touch, and smell. For example, a phrase like “Get velvety soft skin with our avocado body wash” describes how the transformation of using your products will result in terms of texture.
  • Don’t shy away from experimenting. Release more than one copy of your beauty content’s title and description and gather feedback from the target audience as to what works best for them.

L’Oréal does it again. The below example of L’Oréal listed below shows how you should use titles and descriptions for your beauty products. The title clearly mentions the range and color shade of the lipstick. The description is clear and concise, highlighting the product’s key features using sensory and powerful words.

Beauty Copywriting Examples

Here are some of the best examples of beauty and cosmetic copywriting:

  • Bring out your inner creativity with our exclusive range of eyeshadow palettes. Go subtle to bold in seconds with 24 unique shades. Order online or shop in stores now.
  • Get a radiant glow in just 20 minutes. Try our new range of three-step face masks created with natural ingredients like shea butter, turmeric, walnut, and aloe vera. Shop samples at our website now.
  • Get access to satin finish shine, reduced frizz, and healthier hair with our protect pro range of paraben-free shampoos and conditioners mixed with the richness of olive oil. 
  • Say bye-bye to scarves and face covers. Go out in the blazing sun without the fear of tanning with our new range of sunscreens. Order it by 3 July and get access to a 25% discount across stores and websites.
  • Install our beauty brand app now and unleash the power of the whole range of natural makeup with a special discount of 10% on all products. Bid adieu to cruel makeup, as we are here to bring you organic and natural ingredients.
  • Say hi to effortless smooth skin as we bring you a whole range of oil-free natural moisturizers with organic ingredients like almond, honey, strawberry, aloe vera, and more. Download our catalog or visit us at to know more.
  • Elevate your skincare routine in only 10 minutes. From antioxidants to nourishing fruit extracts, we use only cruelty-free natural ingredients to give your skin a radiating transformation.

Beauty, Wellness, And Cosmetic Copywriting Terms 

Here are some of the keywords you can use in your beauty copywriting:

  • Beauty
  • Skincare
  • Hydrating
  • Luxurious
  • Radiant
  • Illuminating
  • Brightening
  • Organic
  • Captivating
  • Exfoliating 
  • Long-lasting
  • Dermatologist-approved
  • Paraben-free
  • Sustainable
  • Anti-aging
  • Silky-smooth
  • Refreshing
  • Vegan
  • Replenishing
  • Radiant
  • Revitalize
  • Transform
  • Rejuvenate
  • Nourish
  • Enhance
  • Revive
  • Effortless
  • Glow
  • Renew
  • Restore
  • Youthful
  • Vibrant
  • Luxurious
  • Pamper
  • Hydrate
  • Refresh
  • Smooth
  • Luminous
  • Flawless

Beauty, Skincare and Makeup Copywriting FAQs 

Why is beauty copywriting important? 

Beauty copywriting is crucial as it helps capture the attention of the target audience, communicate the benefits and features of beauty products or services, build brand identity, drive conversions, and establish trust and credibility. It effectively conveys the brand’s message, connects with the audience, and influences purchasing decisions. 

How much do cosmetic and makeup copywriters charge? 

The cost of beauty copywriting services can vary depending on various factors, including the copywriter’s experience, expertise, project complexity, and scope. Copywriters may charge per word, per hour, or offer package deals. It’s best to reach out to copywriters directly to discuss your specific project requirements and obtain a personalized quote. 

Why should I hire a beauty copywriting agency? 

Hiring a beauty copywriting agency offers several advantages. Agencies often have a team of experienced copywriters with diverse skills, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of cosmetic trends. They can provide a broader range of services, handle large-scale projects, offer strategic guidance, and ensure consistent and high-quality copy. Additionally, agencies may have access to resources and tools that can enhance the effectiveness of your skincare copywriting efforts.

Want to tell your beauty brand story in a creative way?
Do you want your products or services to stand out in a crowded market? Build strong brand credibility for your cosmetic company by leveraging Brenton Way’s experienced team of copywriting experts. Our team of experienced copywriters specializes in the beauty sector. We understand the nuances of this industry, from skincare and cosmetics to haircare and wellness. With our deep knowledge and understanding, we can create compelling copy that speaks directly to your audience. Schedule a consultation call with us to elevate your brand growth.


Copywriting is a tricky business, especially when it comes to the beauty industry, where you need to make impactful statements to drive customers toward your business. 

Employ the above-listed beauty copywriting strategies along with your creativity to get your beauty brand in the limelight, drive customer loyalty, and strengthen relationships with the target audience.


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