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In this digital world, driven by transhumanism, the future of marketing has become interesting and at the same time rapidly evolving. For years, we have heard stories of a more futuristic age, and now, we live in this future. Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning as a subset, has become the technology of now.

The growth of this facet of technology is rapid—by 2025, the sales of AI software is expected to reach over $60 billion dollars. And with the growth of the AI and Machine industry marketing, the landscape of digital marketing— SEO, SEM, and social media marketing –has seen transformed for the better.


Take advantage of our years of SaaS industry marketing to give your platform the presence its needed. From improving site navigation to creating unique content, we can help with your companies entire flow.

Prioritizing Valuable Content

Google’s RankBrain, the search engine's AI algorithm, has made the focus of digital marketers switch from keyword oriented content, to more contextual and resourceful content. User intent, i.e. the context behind every search term a Google user types in is considered before displaying results. Producing content to build around a keyword skeleton is being phased out, and at Brenton Way, we are alive to the demands of modern digital marketing: producing valuable, contextual content for those who need it.

Properly Explaining Your Concept

Integrating AI and Machine Learning digital marketing into your existing campaigns will elevate you above competitors. Artificial intelligence is able to process user queries in record time, and machine learning remembers tendencies and perks of individual web visitors. Using AI, targeted campaigns that are emotionally resonant can be launched in no time, using data that has been collated over time. AI’s data mining capability allows for a more comprehensive, yet accurately targeted, digital marketing campaign.

AI & Machine Learning Lead Generation

Perhaps the biggest influence of AI and Machine Learning is in the data and statistical aspect of digital marketing. Statistically significant scenarios can be staged in little to no time, and predictive algorithms that determine market trends are easily developed based on preexisting data. For an SEO and SEM campaign, creating actionable reports with increased efficiency and reduced risk of human error, guarantees a marked improvement in ROI.

Optimized User Experience

A well optimized site search engine, including a voice search capability, can increase conversion rates by up to 216% and an optimized search engine is one that takes context and user intent into consideration. Using machine learning, especially software that accounts for queries in a natural language tone, rather than keyword stuffed search terms, your website provides your web visitors valuable content and furthers them down the sales funnel. Amazon, the global retail giant, drives a significant portion of its business with machine learning: providing potential buyers with intelligent recommendations in record time.

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