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Law Digital Marketing Case Study

THE CHALLENGE: Wipe Away Debts was looking for a team to help increase their website traffic, increase the amount of consultations they received, and dominate the SEO sphere for their specific keywords that were important to them.


+100 new bookings per month

Client Requests

  • Increase in online consultations
  • Better SEO traffic for related keywords
  • Website that customers can trust

Our Solutions

  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Website Design


Brenton Way created a digital marketing foundational strategy to help Wipe Away Debts position itself into the Legal sphere in less than 6 months. SEO & Content were used in setting a foothold into the market. Brenton Way’s approach to testing specific marketing strategies, and going after “long-tailed keyword” opportunities helped Wipe Away Debts hit & surpass all marketing objectives. 


Through our unique SEO strategy, we helped create a new website structure that most competitors were not implementing. The website structure coupled with our research-focused content allowed us to rank for very important longtailed keywords. These keywords allowed us to generate over +2000 monthly site visitors.

Content Creation

Creating high-level content was a major strategy to improving SEO rankings. All of the content we created, we sourced information from leaders in the legal space, and interviewed potential customers about their painpoints. 

Based on the quality of our content, Google also helped boost our SEO traffic further.

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