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THE CHALLENGE: See how we successfully turned this unique jewelry brand from a small boutique store to a rising e-commerce jewelry contender and helped increase sales by 100% per quarter by focusing on their brand positioning, increasing SEO traffic by 40%, improving their cart abandonment strategies, increasing their ROAS by 320%, and increasing site visitors by +20k.




Client Requests

  • Stronger conversions
  • Increase local search rankings
  • Better content that explains their
    practice areas
  • New relationships with bloggers &


Brenton Way created a digital marketing foundational strategy to help NicoleHD position itself into the e-commerce market in less than 3 months. Paid Social, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Content were used in setting a foothold into the market. Brenton Way’s approach to testing specific marketing strategies, and going after “low hanging fruit” opportunities helped NicoleHD hit & surpass all marketing objectives. The brand is now expanding its line of jewelry and creating new collections for each seasonal look and providing a more inclusive shopping experience.

nicolehd case study

Facebook Advertising

After identifying high-performing audiences, we constantly tested new audiences to find new targeting opportunities. We also saw success from our retargeting campaigns with digital product ads. Holiday promotions also drove consistent results and an exclusive first-time 10% off new customer specials.


Our mission with email was to help build brand recognition and revenue share of email, while also growing the list. By building out our library of automations, creating a segmentation strategy to remove disengaged users, and through AB testing of our email and pop-up content, we were able to increase the revenue from SIO’s email efforts and grow the list while improving the our overall email engagement in the process.

Google AdWords

We planned our SEM campaigns to account for seasonality, taking advantage of holiday seasons and lowering spend during slower sales seasons. Additionally, we implemented variations of high performing ads and full rounds of negative keywords while creating top-of-funnel campaigns.

Social Media Management

When it came to social, we helped SiO reposition their social media goals to not only include brand awareness and follower growth but also website traffic, user engagement and conversions. We also restrategized the type of content SiO was pushing out to make it more engaging to the consumer with unique messaging and direct calls to action, as well as implementing shoppable posts on Instagram. These strategies earned a 54% increase in IG followers and a 3,100% increase in IG engagement, while doubling website sessions, transactions and revenue.

Pinterest Ads

As many shoppers visit Pinterest for inspiration, we used creative Pinterest ads based on mood boards we created for the client to attract a relevant audience.


For SEO, we made it spe important to create different variations of product descriptions to track Googles behavior. After testing, we applied the same method across all products, which eventually increased targeted SEO sales traffic by 40%.

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