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The Cannabis industry is slowly beginning to build acknowledgment and companies are starting to find new channels to promote their business.

In 2017, the United States  legal cannabis market saw a $9 billion increase in revenue, thanks to relaxed state laws and growing recreational use. For purveyors of recreational and medicinal marijuana, their business is like any other, with a slight edge, and requires equal or even greater digital marketing strategy. 

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Cannabis Marketing Services for Brenton Way

Stand Out in the Sea Amongst Competitors

As the competition gets higher and tougher, with the ever expanding market employing the right cannabis industry SEO tactics should be your main concern. Online visibility is key for running a profitable marijuana dispensary, as customers, usually unaware of available dispensaries, more often than not, search the internet for the best matches in their location. 

At Brenton Way we specialize in marijuana SEO and SEM services to help boost your brand’s credibility, accessibility and, most importantly, revenue. Our digital marketing campaigns will help put your business on the map, with your dispensaries gaining more traffic and revenue.

Cannabis Industry Marketing Services

To provide premium cannabis marketing, we will deploy the following proven digital marketing strategies to maximize your revenue and ROI.

Influencers & PR Hacking

One of the greatest channels for Cannabis marketing has definitely turned out to be Influencers; individuals who play the right image can help your brand find new customers much faster than any other channel. Utilize our connections to be featured on Dope Magazine, Leafly, CannabisNow, Emerald Magazine, and more.

Display & Remarketing

Let our team of experienced digital marketing gurus manage your Display campaigns across various platform, to profit from your marketing investment. With our proprietary software, with a near-flawless success rate, we will analyze trends, and bid on low-risk, high-yield campaigns, perform extensive and targeted keyword research.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage the power of social media to boost your cannabis brand and dispensary’s publicity and online visibility. Using social media, you can highlight your values, engage with customers, show-off your products, and provide valuable content. We will manage your social media platforms, curating content, and farming organic and paid traffic, to boost your brand’s profile.

Google Business Optimization

Get a Google My Business listing to create a virtual cannabis dispensary, where customers can get information about your business, pricing details, directions, opening hours, and management information. A Google My Business listing gives your cannabis brand more credibility among online visitors, making it key to landing paying customers.

Targeted Keyword Research

Deply profitable keywords, carefully researched and collected, and all geared towards gaining customers in your locality, as well as extended regions. The right keywords will help your customers find and locate your marijuana dispensaries or ecommerce stores.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page and off-page SEO to make your website as appealing to your audience as it is to the search engine. We perform quality link-building, provide quality backlinks, create valuable content, and ensure great user experience on your cannabis website’s pages. Search Engine Optimization of your cannabis brand will lead to a higher placement on search engine results, resulting in more traffic and revenue.

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