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Peter Norman Case Study

How we helped a 20-year engagement rings veteran blaze through competition through SEO & Paid


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Social Media, Content Creation, SEO, Paid Ads

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Performance Recap

See how we helped Peter Norman because a nationwide player for custom engagement rings.

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Who is Peter Norman?

Peter Norman Jewelry is a leader in custom engagement rings with in the Los Angeles area, prominently in Brentwood. They have been serving couples for over 20+ years with timeless engagement pieces for the special day.

They stand out by providing unique engagement pieces while keeping their work conflict free, ethically sourced, and also offer lab grown diamonds for customers within a budget.

Marketing Objectives

Our primary objective was to first define the ideal target audience that was willing to pay engagement rings that ranged above the $8k breaking tier and was also interested in having it custom made.

We built out 3-segment audiences to run for Paid advertising across Google Ads for conversions & Facebook ads for brand awareness in tandem. 

Our primary objective was to book consults onto the Peter Norman calendar to allow their team to do what they do best.

Marketing Strategies


Targeting multi-stage long tailed keywords on SEO

Our approach focused on targeting very important long-tailed keywords that many competitors had very little expertise on and had no real content generated to help them rank. We capitalized on this by creating multiple internal pages and resources related to engagement rings.

Improving the UX/UI of the website layout

The website design was key in improving the entire brand conversion rate, especially considering the price point. Our approach was to analyze the user behavior of Peter Norman’s original website through GA & TruConversion, our video tracking tool.

From there we began to create a “conversion changes doc” of the new homepage layout that would give the key customers a better sitewide experience. Thus helping us convert an avg. 40% better of booked consults.

A better experience through Email campaigns

Email was also important because many clients would go dark after their initial consultation. We learned that their decision-making was across a 2-3 month span window and typically they would consider other options because of the product price point.

Our strategy was to educate them throughout this cycle and stay top-of-mind allowing us to have a more closer relationship.

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